Keep physically fit as you

Keep physically fit as you defend yourself against attackers.

Have a math problem you

Have a math problem you can't solve? Ask Winnie Cooper for the answer.

The only thing worse than

The only thing worse than being Mahir is being a Mahir wannabe.

Stefan Jones says: "In addition

Stefan Jones says: "In addition to the kick-in-the-gut gustatory abortions of the Gallery of Regrettable Food, James Lileks's Institute of Official Cheer ('helping tomorrow feel superior by scoffing at yesteryear') features annotated scans of old motel postcards and stock certificates. The Bureau of Corporate Allegory matches elaborate engravings with snarky commentary."

Here are a couple of

Here are a couple of "The Cat" cartoons from Gene Deitch. "The Cat" ran in a jazz collectors' magazine from the 1940s called The Record Changer. Later Deitch went on to become the art director of UPA (the studio of Gerald McBoingBoing) and created Tom Terrific for Captain Kangaroo. Deitch's son is Kim Deitch, a well-known underground cartoonist.

I had the pleasure of meeting Gene a few years ago when he was in San Francisco (he and his wife visit the US from their home in Prague every year). One of these days I'll transcribe my long and fascinating interview with him. Now in well into his seventies, Deitch is still working on a lot of projects, and has taken to the Web like a natural. Look at his latest project, The Unknown John Lee Hooker. He is also selling his autobiography on this site.

Hey -- you can Read

Hey -- you can Read Chick Tracts online.

Bruce Sterling just sent me

Bruce Sterling just sent me the URL for the Unusual Museums of the Internet Webring. It is, as he says, "truly an embarrassment of riches, d00d."

The eboy design group in

The eboy design group in Germany creates some swell-looking stuff. I like they way that they transform 72 pixels-per-inch from a liability to an asset. eboy has a new collection of monster trading cards I like.

Salon article about author Daniel

Salon article about author Daniel Pinkwater.
"Pinkwater's writing reminds you how easy it is to sneak out of the ordinary world. All you need to do is take the bus to a different neighborhood, catch a midnight movie, walk to the end of an unfamiliar street and you're somewhere else: Tintown, Mars, the Waka-Waka plane of existence. What you find there is unexpectedly beautiful."

The Pantheon of Idols is

The Pantheon of Idols is a page of the literary and musical heroes of Chaleon I.O. Myme, a neurologist at Brandeis University. His detailed accounts of meeting The Amazing Kreskin and Kate Bush are so full of giddy joy and keen insight that I know I'm going to spend at least $100 buying the books and CDs he raves about. On my wish-list: Karel Capek's War With the Newts, Paul Krassner's Confessions of a Raving, Unconfined Nut, Raymond Smullyan's This Book Needs No Title, and Daniel Pinkwater's, Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy From Mars.

Interview with Chris Ware, another

Interview with Chris Ware, another cartoonist I really like. Ware does the Acme Comics Novelty Library.

Interview with Seth, the creator

Interview with Seth, the creator of one of my favorite comic books, Palookaville.

"A Pakistani judge yesterday convicted

"A Pakistani judge yesterday convicted a man of murdering 100 children and sentenced him to be strangled with an iron chain, chopped into pieces and dissolved in acid in front of the parents of his victims." -- from News Unlimited

The Lost Decade is a

The Lost Decade is a 50,000-word history of the Pogues. In the mid-80's I was living in London, playing in a band called The Elephant Boys. We played a lot at the same club The Pogues did, so we got to know them. One night after a show, singer Shane MacGowan was standing in the street, holding a bottle of whisky. He backed up and a car whammed into him. He flew 10 feet through the air and landed on his butt, but somehow managed to keep the whisky bottle from falling out of his hand. He stood up, took a swig, and walked onto the sidewalk as if nothing had happened.

Furniture porn.

Furniture porn.