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Spanish farmers are growing

Spanish farmers are growing three-meter high artichokes for burning in special power stations to produce electricity, the Independent newspaper reported on Thursday."

From my pal, Jim Leftwich:

From my pal, Jim Leftwich: "The Russians were planning a lunar lander that looked like it was made from a beer keg. It's oddly sporty looking I think, compared to the American lander. More stylish!" Jim has a new blog, Jimwich.

This ribofunk Bambi art site

This ribofunk Bambi art site is gorgeous!

Here are some UFO-themed oil

Here are some UFO-themed oil paintings by one of my favorite authors, Rudy Rucker. The same page has a link to two essays about writing.

The Sims' designer Will Wright

The Sims' designer Will Wright gives diseased virtual guinea pigs to unwitting players.
"Like almost everything in the game, the guinea pig's function as a disease vector was carefully simulated, Mr. Wright said. For example, the guinea pig only spreads the disease if a Sims player neglects to clean its cage, and only if a player reaches into the cage to pet the software animal and is bitten will he get sick. Someone who has gotten sick sneezes and coughs and will infect other human characters in the game who come within several 'tiles' distance."

I'm probably the last one

I'm probably the last one to know about this Elian-Wassup! parody.

The visual cliché du jour:

The visual cliché du jour: The Millennium Orbital Crescent Swish

Prison jargon. Samples: Let Me

Prison jargon. Samples:
Let Me Bounce Your Car - Can I borrow your radio?
Blanket party - Throwing a blanket over a despised prisoner, so he or she can't identify an attacker.
Monster - HIV. "He has the Monster."

Domino Pizza jargon. Samples: Alpo

Domino Pizza jargon. Samples:
Alpo - Taken from the dog-food brand and used to describe sausage topping. Other words for sausage include Kibbles n' Bits, Puppy Chow, dog food and Snausages.
Blood pie - A pizza with extra sauce. Also called a hemorrhage.
Carp - Term for anchovies. Also called guppies, chovies, flippers, penguin food, smellies.

The New York Times got

The New York Times got their hands on a still-classified CIA-written report (presented here in Adobe Acrobat format) on how the agency overthrew the Government of Iran in the 1950s. (Acess requires free registration with

I was surprised to learn

I was surprised to learn that Thomas Hart Benton was Jackson Pollack's art teacher. From this to this? Ugh.

Hooray! Blogger works for me

Hooray! Blogger works for me again.

From Barracuda magazine: Inside Von

From Barracuda magazine: Inside Von Dutch's Truck (with pictures)
"In the early 1950s, pinstriping on cars was all but non-existent. Pinstripes hadn't appeared on an American production car in about 20 years. And the last time they were seen, they were usually slavishly following the contours of the car's body.

And then along came Von Dutch. Working from a shop in Southern California, Von Dutch almost single-handedly revived the art. His freestyle pinstriping method had lines shooting out in all directions, with sharp angles, evoking a feeling of frenzy and speed. His smooth lines could suddenly erupt into a sharp point, making intricate 'spider web' designs and images like faces and animals. By 1958, pinstriping had become a bona fide craze. Von Dutch's designs were so popular, that people would bring their cars from all over the country just to be 'dutched.'"

Slow Wave is a comic

Slow Wave is a comic strip based on dreams that people submitted. (Does anyone else remember the Jack Kirby comic book called The Strange World of Your Dreams?)

A streaming audio interview with

A streaming audio interview with's Richard Metzger.

A funny rant about air

A funny rant about air travel.
"I absolutely cannot abide that airplane smell - that fusty, funky, contagious stench, reminiscent of a couch that has gotten used as an ashtray for cheap cigars, thrown up on by the entire Limburger Cheese Appreciation Society, and left out in a driving rain composed of condensed bad breath - and it had permeated my clothing, so I stripped down and fumigated myself with a cloud of CK One."