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Austin-based comic book artist Mack

Austin-based comic book artist Mack White has created a great virtual museum called Bison Bill's Weird West:
"Also, in Bison Bill's Western Library: THE TREASURE OF THE CHIHUAHUAN DESERT"

Good article in Forbes on

Good article in Forbes on perpetual-motion crackpots and the suckers who fall for them.

A grunt worker at the

A grunt worker at the San Francisco warehouse writes about how horrible it is to work there.

Short bio of offbeat mid-century

Short bio of offbeat mid-century cartoonist Virgil Partch.

Nancy was one of my

Nancy was one of my favorite comic strips. (I mentally put a red X across the face of anyone I meet who can't appreciate the genius of Ernie Bushmiller.) Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics, has rules for a game he invented called "5-Card Nancy" that uses cut-up photocopies of Nancy comics.

Excellent mini-gallery of monster decals

Excellent mini-gallery of monster decals from the '60s.

"The Alien" is a short

"The Alien" is a short story that appeared in a 1958 issue of Adam.

Freeman Dyson on religion: "Religion

Freeman Dyson on religion: "Religion amplifies the good and evil tendencies of individual souls. Religion will always remain a powerful force in the history of our species." (From Cliff Pickover's Encyclopedia of the Bible)

Paul Tough is a former

Paul Tough is a former editor at Harpers. He also co-published a great zine, called Paris in the 20s, which consisted entirely of clippings of strange reporting from the New York Times. I met Paul when he came to the Wired offices to talk about possibly working for an ill-fated spin-off magazine. We had lunch together and I thought he was very nice and funny. Now he has a new daily site, called Open Letters, "a new magazine of first-person writing in the form of personal correspondence." He writes that he came up with the idea for the site from the way he worked at Harper's: "One editors' trick I started using a while ago is to ask a thwarted writer to start off by writing me a letter on the topic. What comes out is often much more fluid, funny, on-topic, and well-structured than a formal magazine article."

New NetBaby games.

New NetBaby games.

More carnival autobiography. "I was

More carnival autobiography.
"I was in a Hey Rube in Lincoln, Illinois, once. It was one of the toughest battles I ever seen. The town boys was coalminers and same of the toughest customers I ever seen. We strung out in a circle around our stuff and stood 'em off with "laying out pins" and whacked 'em with "side-poles", finally giving 'em the run, but they sure could take it. Another Hey Rube in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was started by a gang of students from the University of Michigan, for no good reason at all except perhaps they thought it was funny. It cost the circus I was with more than $35,000 in lawsuits and damage to equipment. In a Hey Rube, most of the lawsuits that follow is usually by some innocent bystander who gets hurt in the scramble."

Chapter from 1933 carnival autobiography,

Chapter from 1933 carnival autobiography, Hey Rube.

64-year-old Down East Bob's response

64-year-old Down East Bob's response to the end of The Hobo Times.

Excellent archive of retro product

Excellent archive of retro product packaging and display graphics. (From Xplane xblog)

Good short bio of Yellow

Good short bio of Yellow Kid Weil, the world's greatest con artist.

There's a new biography of

There's a new biography of Leon Theremin. Might be good, but it might be a load of academia-la-la, as it was written by a PhD and came out on a university press.

Visit Port Watson, is about

Visit Port Watson, is about a freedom-lovers' island in the Pacific. I loved this when I first read it around ten years ago, and my friends and I prayed that it was true.