"In a move to raise

"In a move to raise sales of its ketchup, H.J. Heinz plans to introduce a new version today that will be bright green and is intended to appeal to children."

Interview with a collector of

Interview with a collector of old children's LPs. (Beautiful cover art.)

Two funny art pranks.

Two funny art pranks.

An impressive demo of AT&T

An impressive demo of AT&T Labs' Next-Generation Text-To-Speech technology.

Gallery of illustrations and cartoons

Gallery of illustrations and cartoons from 1930's Canadian cartoonist Jimmy "Birdseye Center" Frise.

"Death at Disneyland." I read

"Death at Disneyland." I read this first time around in John Marr's wonderful zine, Murder Can Be Fun.

An excerpt from a new

An excerpt from a new book of people talking about their jobs, called, Gig:
"I'm the President and owner of Crime Scene Cleaners. We clean up death scenes, like homicides. You know, the room where someone gets murdered. We also handle suicides, accidental deaths, meth labs, things like that. A lot of people have the assumption that police take care of the cleanup after a crime. That's not true. It's never been true. If Johnny or Sally gets shot in your house, or your store, and there's brains everywhere, it's your problem. You have to do the cleaning. It's not the police's responsibility at all. You clean it. Or else you call my company or one of my competitors."

Whimgrinder is an amazing Flash

Whimgrinder is an amazing Flash cartoon by Jim Woodring.

Cory Doctorow's "Top Ten Science

Cory Doctorow's "Top Ten Science Fiction Lawsuits."
"Harlan Ellison, notorious and prolific author, critic, reviewer, screenwriter and revenge artist is probably the last guy in the world you want to piss off. No, I mean, really. This is the guy who mailed a dead gopher to New American Library when they refused to release copyright on his books after they breached their contract by binding cigarette ads into them."