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Space alien illustration by Boris

Space alien illustration by Boris Artzybasheff, from a 1947 magazine article on flying saucers.

Cory Doctorow, an amazingly great

Cory Doctorow, an amazingly great science fiction writer and co-founder of peer-to-peer search system openCOLA, suggested this site: Family Indigestion. Lots of pictures of questionable food.

Carl Barks RIP

Carl Barks, one of the greatest comic book artists of all time, died on Friday. He was 99.

Funny TV Guide parody.

Funny TV Guide parody.

Here's an excellent prank. This

Here's an excellent prank. This guy hooked up the Eliza program (an early, crude, coversational bot) to AOL instant messenger. He posts the conversations between the Eliza program and people who think that they are chatting with a person.

NYT article about people who

NYT article about people who still love the Mac Color Classic.

Cartoonist Mack White's essay on

Cartoonist Mack White's essay on Web comics.

R.U. Sirius's essay "What Happened

R.U. Sirius's essay "What Happened to Mondo 2000's Cyber Revolution?"

I was a Funny Face

I was a Funny Face drinker. Kool-Ade was strictly for the proletariat. Old Funny Face packages.

Shag is a retro-style illustrator

Shag is a retro-style illustrator with a thing for tikis, bongos, and beatnik chicks. Now you can buy Shag checks.

Neat gallery of illustrated snail

Neat gallery of illustrated snail mail.

Bat Guano is a DJ

Bat Guano is a DJ at WIDR. Here's the site for his show, SwaG.

Stream from WIDR student radio

Stream from WIDR student radio in Kalamazoo. Great stuff. Paste this into your streaming MP3 browser:

Good comic strip called "Teddy"

Good comic strip called "Teddy" by Ethan Persoff.

David Sheldon is an illustrator

David Sheldon is an illustrator and animator who created some great fake commercials for the Ren & Stimpy Show. Here's his portfolio.

New blog I like Paracelsus.

New blog I like Paracelsus.

Biography of velvet painter Eric

Biography of velvet painter Eric Askew.