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You Be Funny is a

You Be Funny is a comic I'm doing for Everyone is invited to submit a caption. The best caption wins a $50 gift certificate from Bigwords. I'll be doing a new comic every week.

Funny billboard art by Ron

Funny billboard art by Ron English.

Professional prankster Joey Skaggs has

Professional prankster Joey Skaggs has a web site. He once played a prank on me. I interviewed him for bOING bOING (the print zine) and he sent me his picture to run. I ran it, and it turned out not to be Skaggs. On his site you can read all of the funny pranks he's been pulling for the last 35 years or so.

Dermatology in Cinema is maintained

Dermatology in Cinema is maintained by a guy who likes to talk about moles, pimples, and other blemishes on celebrities' skin. There are a lot of close of pictures of movie and TV stars' cheeks and foreheads. He seems especially fond of speculating on whether Mena Suvari has a third nipple.

DFN: Winners of the Foil

DFN: Winners of the Foil the Filters Contest
Peacefire's Bennett Haselton takes the prize for his fun with Cybersitter. Bennett started with this phrase: "Gary Bauer is a staunch anti-homosexual conservative who sees the gay movement as absolutely pure fascism and thinks movies of men with men are the greatest terror."

After Cybersitter's keen filters attacked it, here's what came out: "Gary Bauer is a staunch anti-conservative who sees the gay movement as absolutely pure and thinks movies of men with men are the greatest."

The Panopticon was an 18th-century

The Panopticon was an 18th-century proposal for an Orwellian prison.

Brandbots: robot art made

Brandbots: robot art made from popular product packaging. Be sure to check out the rest of the eboy site, too.

QuickHoney is a neat pixelfreak

QuickHoney is a neat pixelfreak artist's portfolio.

I'm digging Cartoon Network's Dept.

I'm digging Cartoon Network's Dept. of Cartoons, which is sort of an archive of Hanna Barbera stuff. Check out this storyboard from an old Quickdraw McGraw episode.

Animation primer from Cartoon Network.

Animation primer from Cartoon Network.

1960s paperback and movie poster

1960s paperback and movie poster illustratorRobert E. McGinnis's gallery

An archive of Maakies comics.

An archive of Maakies comics. Good stuff.

Frighteningly bad Flash cartoon from

Frighteningly bad Flash cartoon from the US Post Office.

The glowing bunny story.

The glowing bunny story.

Neato Major Matt Mason collector's

Neato Major Matt Mason collector's site.

Washington Post reviews Boing Boing

Washington Post reviews Boing Boing contributing editor's home decorating book, PAD.

I remember Ugly Stickers.

I remember Ugly Stickers.

The author of The Anarchist

The author of The Anarchist Cookbook (written in 1968-69) tells Amazon customers that he "would like to see the publication discontinued."

I love these artist action-figure

I love these artist action-figure dress-up kits. See if you can figure out each artist.

Funny web art. (Contains salty

Funny web art. (Contains salty language).

In 1961, 23-year-old Michael Rockefeller

In 1961, 23-year-old Michael Rockefeller (heir to the Rockefeller fortune) went to New Guinea on an anthropological expidition. He disappeared and after a massive search, he was presumed drowned or eaten by crocodiles. But two people claimed they had seen Rockefeller, who was being held by headhunting cargo-cult cannibals. Read an excerpt from The Search for Michael Rockefeller by the man who conducted the follow-up search.

I love this Wacky Packages

I love this Wacky Packages site. It has good-sized scans of the stickers and die-cuts. The stuff from 1967 is the best, naturally.

The FBI interviewed Los Alamos

The FBI interviewed Los Alamos scientist Wen Ho Lee 20 times, trying to make him confess to charges that he gave nuclear weapons secrets to the Chinese. And in all 20 interviews, he denied the charges. So the FBI sent in a "hostile interviewer" named Carol Covert (yep, that's her real name). According to the Los Angeles Times, during the interview, Covert and other FBI agents "said--falsely--that Lee had failed a polygraph test. Then they angrily warned him that, unless he cooperated, he might never see his children again and could be 'electrocuted.'      

"Finally, the two agents pulled out a piece of paper and demanded that Lee sign a full confession of espionage--a crime that carries the death penalty--without a lawyer present. Lee had not even retained a lawyer at the time."     

 "'Poor bastard, he didn't understand,' said an official who has seen the FBI-drafted confession. 'He kept crossing things out and trying to correct it. He was trying to help them. He still didn't get what was happening.'"

Full story here.

"During the height of the

"During the height of the Cold War, the Central Intelligence Agency promoted the work of American composers Aaron Copland and Leonard Bernstein and encouraged media coverage of artist Jackson Pollock."

"Creator of Lucky Charms Cereal

"Creator of Lucky Charms Cereal Killed in Car Crash"

Black holes as the ultimate

Black holes as the ultimate personal computers?

I am on deadline for

I am on deadline for a long Wired article. So naturally I am procrastinating like crazy. Yesterday, I updated my illustration portfolio. Please take a look and tell me what you think!

Justin Hall on the future

Justin Hall on the future of irresistable wireless games.

O'Reilly article about a WindowsCE

O'Reilly article about a WindowsCE Palm killer.

Paul Krassner on the parts

Paul Krassner on the parts they left out of the Abbie Hoffman movie.