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Gallery of Kaz's Underworld strips.

Gallery of Kaz's Underworld strips. Link

A tribute to Herbie Popnecker,

A tribute to Herbie Popnecker, the strangest superhero of all time. Link

Also, don't miss this reprint

Also, don't miss this reprint of a Stupid Manny comic book story. Link

Must-read Frankenstein comic book story

Must-read Frankenstein comic book story from 1946. Link

Sales of Scientology's E-Meters blocked

Sales of Scientology's E-Meters blocked on eBay. Link

Review of Bruce Sterling's new

Review of Bruce Sterling's new novel, Zeitgeist. Link

Yenz is a neat and

Yenz is a neat and eerie shockwave game site. Link

Odd Music MP3s. Link

Odd Music MP3s. Link

Interactive shockwave geometry art. Link

Interactive shockwave geometry art. Link

Lots of great new links

Lots of great new links up at Astropimp. Link

I drew a new cartoon

I drew a new cartoon for Digital Living Today. Link

The Guy I Almost Was.

The Guy I Almost Was. A good, long, comic strip about a guy's disillusionment with the early '90s cyberdelic scene. Link (Thanks, Sebbo)

Unknown News, a good news

Unknown News, a good news blog. Link

These Quicktime samples of a

These Quicktime samples of a new facial animation system are disturbing, Link

Here's an article I wrote

Here's an article I wrote for The Industry Standard about Cory Doctorow and his amazing company, openCOLA."Nouveau Niche - Meet Cory Doctorow: Disney freak, science-fiction novelist and self-described "happiest geek on Earth." His peer-to-peer dream is to help obscure artists find their audience. "Link

Man with first hand transplant

Man with first hand transplant wants limb amputated. Link

This upcoming art auction has

This upcoming art auction has some nice stuff. Link