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Official home of Bruce Sterling's

Official home of Bruce Sterling's Viridian Design Movement. Includes an archive of Sterling's Viridian notes. Link

Technology Review interviews the Google

Technology Review interviews the Google dudes. Link

Lester Bangs's 1981 Village Voice

Lester Bangs's 1981 Village Voice review of The Shaggs. Link

A robot rocket ship that

A robot rocket ship that eats itself. Link

"An international team of scientists

"An international team of scientists has recovered microorganisms in the upper reaches of the atmosphere that could have originated from outer space." Link

Transcript of a 1967 conversation

Transcript of a 1967 conversation between Timothy Leary, Gary Snyder, Alan Watts, and Allen Ginsberg. Link

Cartoonist Roy Tompkins draws a

Cartoonist Roy Tompkins draws a wonderful "Weird Item of the Week" cartoon. Link

Yippee! Everyone's favorite televangeli$t, Robert

Yippee! Everyone's favorite televangeli$t, Robert Tilton, is back on the air. Anointed prayer cloths for everyone! Link

Good kitsch painter. (from Jimwich)

Good kitsch painter. (from Jimwich) Link

My Thanksgiving comic for

My Thanksgiving comic for Link

Here's an article I wrote

Here's an article I wrote for The Industry Standard about "open content" encyclopedias, including Douglas Adams's attempt to bring to like his Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Link

Here's the back cover of

Here's the back cover of a 1953 comic book about an anthropomorphic cow milking machine. Link. Here's the front cover and the story behind the comic. Link

Nike TV commercial makes fun

Nike TV commercial makes fun of disabled people. Link

FBI's Carnivore can capture and

FBI's Carnivore can capture and archive unfiltered Internet traffic. Link

The author of this piece

The author of this piece who claims the Gilchrist brothers have restored the spirit of Ernie Bushmiller to "Nancy." Link. Do you agree? Link

Nice site about old children's

Nice site about old children's records, with sound samples. Link

The best thing about wireless

The best thing about wireless Internet devices is accessing the sites designed for them on your desktop machine. I like the (almost) text-only version of The Onion. Link.

1960s supermodels. Link

1960s supermodels. Link

John Perry Barlow describes his

John Perry Barlow describes his first acid trip.
"With the possible exception of having children, taking that trip was the most important thing I ever did. In terms of creating the person I am and how I approach the world, why I do what I do, and what I think it's all about, no other experience in my life has been so transforming. When you know that everything is invisibly connected, it alters everything you do, from the way you treat "other" people to the way you treat 'yourself.' It certainly changed the focus of my intellectual interests."

Statistical analysis of the voting

Statistical analysis of the voting irregularities in Palm Beach. Link

Some excellent stuff up on

Some excellent stuff up on Jimwich right now, especially the posts about traffic jams and a wonderful prank played by a scientist on a stuffed-shirt pomo journal. Link

Internet use habits based on

Internet use habits based on nationality. Link

Long article about an early

Long article about an early 19th-Century "wolf boy."

Unsurprisingly, Victor's wild life had left him ill-equipped for a life indoors. He refused to wear clothes, ripping them off whatever the weather. He slept curled up in a ball like an animal and defecated without shame whenever and wherever the urge took him. He would only eat familiar food such as his half-burnt potatoes or raw walnuts and acorns. These he would snatch with ill-grace and chew on with complete absorption. His gait was peculiar. He walked uncertainly and preferred to lollop along in a shuffling run. Occasionally he would revert to all fours as earlier he had been seen to do in the forests.

"Fourteen-year-old Shobha Guruputrayya Sutturmath residing

"Fourteen-year-old Shobha Guruputrayya Sutturmath residing in Maradur village was the talk of the town for around two months, after it became public that stones were falling from her left eye." Link

"Aliens" cult about to clone

"Aliens" cult about to clone dead baby girl. Link

Book about the Great War

Book about the Great War between LA and SF. Link

I haven't read any of

I haven't read any of Hunter S. Thompson's recent work. This essay on baseball doesn't make me want to read more of it. Link

Fun, small library of exotica

Fun, small library of exotica MP3s. Link

Great archive page about the

Great archive page about the guy who flew around in a lawn chair tied to a bunch of army-surplus weather balloons. Link

Every day, a different "oddball"

Every day, a different "oddball" comic book cover. I like this one: Comso, The Merry Martian. Link