Boing Boing is owned by a is owned by a guy who looks like Jesus and wears a Jesusonian robe. He hopes to meet women who are turned on by the idea of dating a real live Jesus. He's also inviting women to bathe with him. At least one woman has taken him up on the offer, and you can see photographic evidence on Jesus's site. Link

Small but good archive of

Small but good archive of old National Lampoon articles. Link

Moronic writers' groups are complaining

Moronic writers' groups are complaining about Amazon's practice of selling used books. The writers are fearful that used book sales will reduce their royalties. An economist would tell them that they'll get the same royalties with or without a used-book market, because resale markets increase the value of new items. Link

Test shots of the new

Test shots of the new Planet of the Apes makeup. I like the original version better, myself. Link

NUA is a cool Net-trends

NUA is a cool Net-trends site. Link

eCompany interviews Bruce Sterling. "What

eCompany interviews Bruce Sterling. "What would happen if I could turn my IQ up to 450? I would be a completely different kind of entity. I would understand things much more thoroughly, and I would be really thrilled by it for, I don't know, maybe six months. Then I would have a routine of some kind. I would be a posthuman entity with an IQ of 450 who had a routine. And I would be bored a lot of the time. And my behavior would be mostly habitual, and embarrassing things would happen to me. In other words, I wouldn't be some kind of shining godlike creature. I might be super intelligent, but, you know, I'd probably have diarrhea. A super intelligent being with acne. I would still have a toothache. My wife would also have an IQ of 450, and we would have domestic arguments that were on the level of super genius but still about housework."eCompany Now - Web Article - Printable Version

Profile of Hunter S. Thompson

Profile of Hunter S. Thompson with tons of links. "...a significant percentage of Thompson's income is still derived from his rock-star status among the college-age frat boy crowd."Link

Outlandish business cards from IDEO.

Outlandish business cards from IDEO. Link

Gorgeous Nasa photograph of the

Gorgeous Nasa photograph of the electric lights around the world. Link

Found on Jimwich: a profile

Found on Jimwich: a profile of Adam Gertsacov, modern-day flea cirus ringmaster. (He feeds his tiny performers a drop of his own blood every couple of weeks or so.) Link

New drawing of "The Cat"

New drawing of "The Cat" by jazz magazine illustrator and former UPA creative director Gene Deitch. The Cat was a popular cartoon character from the 1940s magazine, The Record Changer. Link

If you think the crass

If you think the crass commercialization of Christmas is a thing of the late 20th century, take a look at these newspaper ads from the first half of the last century. (From James Lileks's site.) Link

An MSNBC slideshow of 25

An MSNBC slideshow of 25 pictures from the year 2000. Link

"Who Would Buy That?" is

"Who Would Buy That?" is a blog that points to goofy crap on eBay, like a "RARE LIFE-SIZE WAX INFANT JESUS." Link

Forget about fuel cells and

Forget about fuel cells and other neat alternative energy programs, at least for the next four years. George Bush is stacking his staff with oil millionaires. His security advisor, Condoleeza Rice, is a director of Chevron, and even has an oil tanker named after her. Link

Etoys is trading at $0.31

Etoys is trading at $0.31 a share today. Last year, it was trading at around $40 a share. Link

"Ice falling from skyscrapers terrorizing

"Ice falling from skyscrapers terrorizing Chicagoans" Link