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Animation from the '20s in

Animation from the '20s in mpg format. Link

Image gallery of old transistor

Image gallery of old transistor radios. Link

Hoyt Curtin, the beloved composer

Hoyt Curtin, the beloved composer of classic Hanna-Barbera theme songs, such as The Flintstones and The Jetsons, died on December 3. Link

Great guide to non-sports bubblegum

Great guide to non-sports bubblegum cards from the '50s and '60s. Link

Dave Barry's guide to absurd

Dave Barry's guide to absurd (and real) products. Link

The ambivalent calligraphic art of

The ambivalent calligraphic art of John Langdon. Link

Spamgourmet lets you create disposable

Spamgourmet lets you create disposable email addresses. Neat idea! Link

Puzzles and type inversions from

Puzzles and type inversions from Scott Kim. Link

Defining P2P once and for

Defining P2P once and for all. Link

Good essay on the death

Good essay on the death of print zines. Link

Article about mutant women who

Article about mutant women who can see more colors than the rest of us. Link (Thanks, Jimwich)

Spam Mimic is a site

Spam Mimic is a site that will encrypt short messages into email that looks like spam. The creators of the site designd it to be used in countries where it is illegal to use encryption. Link