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My friends and I have

My friends and I have relaunched our television program recommendation service, called TV Ultra. Every day, you can go to and find out which show we think is the best to watch (my pick for February 1 is A Raisin in the Sun). You can also sign up for the TV Ultra mailing list, and get the pick emailed to you in plenty of time to program your VCR. Link

Truly excellent picture of a

Truly excellent picture of a little car nearly crushed under a load of plywood its owner was attempting to drive away with. Note the sleeping pasenger in the car! (Read the accompanying story, too.) Link

Excellent rent from Suck explaining

Excellent rent from Suck explaining why WAP sucks: WAP sucks. WAP devices suck. Anybody with the initials "WAP" sucks. A capital "W" next to a capital "A" even kerns badly. WAP-enabled devices (and the acronym menagerie that goes along with them) combine the rock-solid reliability of the Internet with the rock-solid reliability of a cell phone. Plus per-minute usage charges, the elegant legibility of a calculator wristwatch and the handy convenience of a portable sink for hand-washing obsessive-compulsives. The act of offering WAP as a "feature" rather than "some sort of extravagant expression of self-hatred" should be considered fraud. (Thanks, jbrewer!) Link

Oh. My. God. The "Things

Oh. My. God. The "Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About" page is not only high-freakin-larious (funny enough to give Adrian Mole a run for his money), but it's also charming, British, and obsessive as hell. I love -- love -- cranks. (Thanks, Drue!)

Margret's four-hundred-and-fifty-second most annoying habit is to stealthily turn off the central heating (then light the gas fire in the room she's in, natch.). I'll suddenly notice that, sitting typing at the keyboard, I can see my own breath while from the bedroom one of the kids will call out "Papa, I can't feel my legs." And I'll shiver down the stairs to find the central heating set to 'Summer/Hypothermia/Cryogenic Suspension, and Margret in the living room watching the TV in a door frame warping furnace. Link

Some guy sold an empty

Some guy sold an empty PlayStation 2 box on eBay for $425. The item description read: "This is a [sic] auction for the playstation 2 original box and receipt."

On the feedback page, the buyer complained: "Buyer beware!!! Misleading information about item. Paid $425 for an empty box!"

The seller replied: "I sent what was promised in the auction.I do not rip people off. Shes [sic] a liar." Link

One of my favorite novels

One of my favorite novels by Rudy Rucker, The Secret of Life, is now available as an eBook. Link

Inveterate zinester, former Adbusters editor,

Inveterate zinester, former Adbusters editor, and science fiction writer Jim Monroe hosts No Media Kings, a guide for the indie media lover in you. Link

"Sam" and "Zak" give us

"Sam" and "Zak" give us the lowdown on all things that can be smoked -- courtesy of the (sadly defunct) Webzine Open Letters. (Thanks, Kato!) Link

Thirteen Ways of Looking at

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackout
Bruce Sterling on the origins, the outrages, and the lessons of California's energy muddle. Link

It turns out that if

It turns out that if you ask a rat to negotiate a maze all day, it'll dream about negotiating mazes all night. This from MIT, yet! Link

This is pretty funny. Some

This is pretty funny. Some guy recorded samples of Arnold Schwarznegger's movie dialog and then used them to make prank phone calls. (In MP3 format.) Link

Excellent long Wired article on

Excellent long Wired article on human cloning. Link

New York Times Magazine writer

New York Times Magazine writer recounts his early experiences with ecstasy. "A half-hour later a feeling came over me somewhere between the looseness that follows a good workout and the euphoria of winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes." Link

Duelling bloggers! Congrats to Bob

Duelling bloggers! Congrats to Bob and Eileen Parks, oldtime digerati and swell folks, on the birth of a new generation of Wired editors. Awwwwww. Link

Good LA Weekly cober story

Good LA Weekly cober story of Max More and Natasha Vita-More, transhumanist/extropians. " Max's first extropian principle is Perpetual Progress: 'Seeking more intelligence, wisdom and effectiveness, an indefinite life span, and the removal of political, cultural, biological and psychological limits to self-actualization and self-realization. Perpetually overcoming constraints on our progress and possibilities. Expanding into the universe and advancing without end.' Other extropian principles include Practical Optimism, Intelligent Technology, Open Society and Rational Thinking." Link

Emulsional Problems - Wacked out

Emulsional Problems - Wacked out Polaroids of the Stars is Michael Dare's gallery of celebrity polaroids that have been messed with. Some of the pictures are accompanied by good anecdotes. Link

O'Reilly's peer-to-peer info-site. Link

O'Reilly's peer-to-peer info-site. Link

The White House Guide to

The White House Guide to street drug jargon. "Are you anywhere? = Do you use marijuana?" Link

What do you get when

What do you get when you extrude a Mobius strip into the third dimension? A fractional-dimensional object with zero volume: a Klein Bottle! And who manufactures and sells the world's finest Klein Bottles? Hippie-cum-Physicist-cum-Sysadmin-cum-International Crime Fighting CyberSleuth-cum-Author, Cliff Stoll. What a wonderful freak! Link

Andrew Leonard has a great

Andrew Leonard has a great review of Steven Levy (Hackers, Insanely Great)'s new book, Crypto on Salon today. Link

I'm all the time writing

I'm all the time writing about military exoskeletons in my science fiction -- seems like the military likes the idea, too. DARPA's looking for design and manufacturing proposals for powered armor. Link

I reviewed Karl Schroeder's wonderful

I reviewed Karl Schroeder's wonderful novel Ventus in the current ish of Mindjack. Link

The world's most obsessive Star

The world's most obsessive Star Wars page reveals the truth about the holocaust on Endor. Link

Rick Lieder is a spectacular

Rick Lieder is a spectacular painter/digital artist who's best known for his science-fiction illustration and covers, but his fine art is, well, fine. Link

I'm back! I've been incommunicado

I'm back! I've been incommunicado (stuck in a crappy hotel in rural Michigan with lines too dirty to connect to any ISP) since Friday, so I've been neglecting the blog a bit. But here's some tasty waves for you. Link

Simson Garfinkel changes his tune

Simson Garfinkel changes his tune about Java. Link

Groovy po-mo Socialist Realist posters

Groovy po-mo Socialist Realist posters and stickers from Shepard Fairey, a king-hell guerilla artist and reclaimer of the public spaces. Link

If the Gerber Legend isn't

If the Gerber Legend isn't the multitool for you, why not try the Gerber Demolition Explosives Tool? Includes a C4 punch and a blasting-cap crimper."For professionals only." Link

The ABA Xtreme Stab(tm) Body

The ABA Xtreme Stab(tm) Body Armor meets and exceeds California Icepick Standards! "Because of the new technologies in fibers and fabric construction, armor can now meet ballistic, puncture and stab threats and still be lightweight and comfortable to wear." Link

The writings of "Red" Emma

The writings of "Red" Emma Goldman, collected with old Hearst newsreels, letters, and criticism. Link