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I've been laid up since

I've been laid up since Friday with a back injury (I fell out of my loft! Don't worry, no serious damage) and I'm on gobs o' painkillers and hence lack the attention span to do anything except browse.

Yesterday, Mr. FedEx delivered a care-package from a pal in Cal (thanks, Bob!), that included the very first ish ever of Wired, from March 1993. Wow. My first exposure to Wired was issue 1.02, and I devoured it -- it was a Bible full of information on an organized movement to bring the whole BBS/Internet world to the masses. Whether such a movement existed is open to debate, but that such a movement emerged cannot be questioned.

The first ish is charming, naieve, and prescient. Simson Garfinkel writes about Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation, and how the GNU project is stalled and may never produce a GPLed flavor of Unix (it did -- but it took Linus Torvalds to hack the kernel).

There's a piece on CNN's new lightweight sat uplinks, and the promising developments being made in something called "MPEG" that may revolutionize satellite transmissions.

Art Kleiner writes about the early movement towards pervasive computing and the possibility of smart, networked toasters. Stewart Brand has a charmingly goofy polemic encouraging new media artists to adopt new paradigms and not just try to repurpose their existing stuff. The only really silly bit is Kevin Kelly's optimistic piece on the emerging standards for ISDN that'll finally bring broadband to consumers.

Also notable:

  • A review of some 'zine called "bOING!bOING!" (with a great and goofy shot of Mark and Carla)

  • a Jef Pozkanzer's revolutionary new "bozofilter" app for the WELL

  • Homebrew, $3000 VR systems that look like the PalmOS port of Doom

  • A BBS of the Month section

  • An amazingly bang-on piece by Negroponte where he predicts the goat-fuck that is HDTV and tells us that the important thing with TV is being able to control what you watch, not how good it looks.


As seen in this month's

As seen in this month's Wired, the Izek is a Singer sewing machine that can execute fancy embroidery while controlled by a GameBoy. Link

Taking a link outta Memepool

Taking a link outta Memepool -- hey, I only steal from the best! Interior Desecrators boasts hundreds of scanned pages from deee-sgusting 70s interior design manuals along with wicked-funny commentary. Link

Some favorite captions from the

Some favorite captions from the sorely missed Dysfuctional Family Circus. Link

OK, I know I've blogged

OK, I know I've blogged this before, but godDAMN, the FutureFeedForward guy just keeps on knockin' 'em out of the park. Check out this week's installment:

JAKARTA--Local officials today confirmed that celebrity guru Anna Kournikova died on Wednesday from injuries sustained when a satellite designed to protect intellectual property rights attempted to 'delete' her. "Ms. Kournikova was apparently struck by a powerful, focused beam of microwaves, and died almost instantly," noted Detective J. Sini of the Jakarta Police. "Our current understanding is that this beam issued from one of the MEMEye satellites and that it was an unfortunate accident. We offer our sympathy to her families and followers."

Hey, I like FuckedCompany as

Hey, I like FuckedCompany as much as the next guy, but I ain't payin' no $75/month for access to it. Who's gonna submit the rumors if they can't read 'em? Link

"Tiki Trouble" is a great

"Tiki Trouble" is a great shockwave cartoon from Cartoon Network. Link

"Aggressive anti-spam measures by Dallas-based

"Aggressive anti-spam measures by Dallas-based ISP Verio have stripped some of the Internet's digerati of the ability to send email, and EFF co-founder John Gilmore is calling it censorship." Link

Science fiction publisher Del Ray

Science fiction publisher Del Ray has relaunched their legendary online workshop -- sort of a cross between the Clarion Science Fiction Writers' Workshop and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Link

"You Own Your Own Metadata"

"You Own Your Own Metadata" -- Will Kreth's wonderful piece on the need for portable metadata standards. I'm not totally sold on the metadata thing.

I wonder:

  • how it is you keep people from spamming/spoofing

  • how to ensure that we have a common vocabulary -- you say "Watching cartoons," and I say "Cultural Anthropology," and do we really need to come to accord on what to call it?

  • and how to convince people to enter, spellcheck and lint their own metadata -- you can get great bargains by searching for "Plam Pilot" on eBay; and it seems like half of the tracks on Napster have no artist/title info, despite the ease with which one can import ID3 stuff using the CDDB
Nevertheless, this article makes a compelling case for putting your metadata back into your own hands. Good stuff.


Ads gone too far. The

Ads gone too far. The Budweiser Background Tile, courtesty of MarketWatch. Link

Another groovy new PalmOS device.

Another groovy new PalmOS device. In Japanese. Link

Special 1040 for laid-off Web

Special 1040 for laid-off Web workers! Link

Spammers going to jail! Life

Spammers going to jail! Life is sweet. Link

LA Times on "All Your

LA Times on "All Your Base are Belong to Us" Link

Retrofuture is a fun website

Retrofuture is a fun website about old-fasioned futurism. Features short articles about Disney's EPCOT, synthetic food, and online service from the early 1980s. Link

Important late-breaking news: John Ritters

Important late-breaking news: John Ritters scrotum was exposed in an episode of Three's Company. Link

Dope-sniffing dogs go you down?

Dope-sniffing dogs go you down? Want to store your stuff 200' underwater for two weeks? Tired of bears trashing your campsite? Splash Caddy's odor-free bags are just the thing. Available in custom sizes. Link

Terrific Salon piece on Norman

Terrific Salon piece on Norman Juster's "Phantom Tollboth," one of the great kids' books of all time, courtesy of Robot Wisdom. Link

Crazy-ass robot fashion from

Crazy-ass robot fashion from (thanks, jonl!) Link

Awesome Vietnamese popcult bead-curtains from

Awesome Vietnamese popcult bead-curtains from Link

Comics guru and all-round freakazoid

Comics guru and all-round freakazoid Scott McCloud's amazing, hypertextual, audience-artist collaboration, "Choose Your Own Carl" Link is a good site: is a good site: commentary and links to idiotic merchandise, like an "analog dial" TV remote control for morons. Link

Maker your own comics ColorForms

Maker your own comics ColorForms style and then let other people rate them. Link

Jim Leftwich told me about

Jim Leftwich told me about this amazing comic strip called "When I Am King." It reminds me of Jim Woodring's "Frank" a little bit. Link

Village Voice article about

Village Voice article about Link

The first genetically engineered bug

The first genetically engineered bug to be released in the US is a glow-in-the-dark moth larva, called "The Terminator." Link

Is this Handspring's answer to

Is this Handspring's answer to the Palm V? Link

This is the coolest thing

This is the coolest thing I've ever bought on eBay, and it's finally arrived! I've got it hanging over my sofa. Link. (Mark, if you're interested, the seller is down in Van Nuys and has more)

Slashdot's reporting that Bountyquest, Tim

Slashdot's reporting that Bountyquest, Tim O'Reilly, Jeff Bezos and Charles Cella's organization devoted to busting stupid patents, has busted DoubleClick's patent on serving banner ads. A porn-king stepped forward with clear evidence of his own prior art. Porn -- is there nothing it can't teach us? Link