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What song was #1 on

What song was #1 on the charts the day you were born? (July 17, 1971: It's Too Late by Carole King) Link (via Six DIfferent Ways)

Crackpot inventor's business card with

Crackpot inventor's business card with Free Energy machine diagram. Link

Great Amazing Randi article on

Great Amazing Randi article on the art of "cold reading" -- the trick that fortunetellers use to fool their victims into thinking they're psychic. Link

The Amazing Randi's amazing site

The Amazing Randi's amazing site debunks all manner of paranormal claims, and offers $1,000,000 to anyone who can put one over on ole Randi. Link

The ultimate Red Diaper baby.

The ultimate Red Diaper baby. Link

There's something creepy about My

There's something creepy about My Rich Uncle. Instead of providing kids with crippling student loans, they make "investments" in students, in return for which, said students are expected to pay a royalty on their post-college earnings for a decade or more. Does this strike you as a form of indentured servitude? Four years of Ivy League school at $20k per means you give MRU up to 40% of your income for the next fifteen years. Link (via Metafilter)

Move over Maslow! The Wide

Move over Maslow! The Wide World of Slack has a much cooler heriarchy of needs. Link (via Markzilla)

Crackpot British pastor blames homosexuals

Crackpot British pastor blames homosexuals for foot-and-mouth. Link (via Metafilter)

American Heritage article about the

American Heritage article about the late Carl Barks, the best Disney duck comic book creator on earth. Link

Apropos of the Larry Ellison

Apropos of the Larry Ellison link: Dogland by Will Shetterly is the best genre novel about the Fountain of Youth, ever. I haven't read it in three years and I can still taste it in my mind. What a book! Link

From the Guardian: What kind

From the Guardian: What kind of May Day protestor are you? Link (Thanks, evang!)

Funny paper on the failings

Funny paper on the failings of science-fictional alien tongues. Link (Thanks, Elisabeth!)

"In hopes of stopping the

"In hopes of stopping the process of aging, Larry Ellison, the brassy 55-year-old chief executive of Oracle, is quietly pumping millions of dollars into research and other investments. He's now the single largest private supporter of research in aging, and he's opening the spigot further." Link

Browse-Up is a cool little

Browse-Up is a cool little Win-only app that allows you to embed arbitrary links in any Web page that any other Browse-Up user can see, follow and edit. It's kinda ThirdVoice for links. Link

Mesh Networks of Orlando, FL,

Mesh Networks of Orlando, FL, have produced a wicked-cool 802.11-alternative, using declassified military tech. In addition to all the WiFi goodness you know and love, Mesh handles Quality of Service, relaying, dynamic routing, non-GPS geolocation, and tons of error-correction stuff. There's even some cross-compatibility with existing 802.11 cards and access points! I am so all over this. Link

Dogcows are these obscure iconic

Dogcows are these obscure iconic animals from early versions of the MacOS. This Apple TechNote has a poem about them. Link

Norwegian Linux nerds implement IP-over-Carrier-Pigeon.

Norwegian Linux nerds implement IP-over-Carrier-Pigeon. Link (via Slashdot)

Coming soon to an America

Coming soon to an America near you: Brazilian mutant hip-hop. Link (via Robot Wisdom)

Vintage "Mark Eden Bust Developer"

Vintage "Mark Eden Bust Developer" ad. Link (via Metascene)

Disney's auctioning off a bunch

Disney's auctioning off a bunch of props from their science fiction movies, including Tron, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and (shudder) The Black Hole. If I had a million dollars... Link

Tons of Tokyo Disneyland stuff

Tons of Tokyo Disneyland stuff for sale through eBay. Link

Obsessive spacestation model. Link (via

Obsessive spacestation model. Link (via Robot Wisdom)

I get vast assloads of

I get vast assloads of spam, but this piece caught my eye, mostly because it came on as an invitation to join something called the World Currency Cartel. Who could resist the opportunity to join an Illuminatus? Unfortunately, it turns out to be a banal variation on envelope-stuffing pyramid schemes. Link

In today's NYT there's an

In today's NYT there's an article about employees posting corporate gossip and complaints on Internet message boards. The best quote is from a posting by an employee of the 24-hour tweeker paradise known as Home Depot: "It's a free-for-all orgy behind the scenes in some of these stores." Link (Thanks Steve!)

Great collection of SF pulps

Great collection of SF pulps for sale on eBay. If anyone has the April 1963 ish of Worlds of Tomorrow and is willing to part with it, drop me a line. Link

I wrote an article about

I wrote an article about IPv6 a while back.The current Internet protocol, IPv4, will eventually run out of addresses to assign to machines connected to the Internet. Sony's announcement that it plans to assign IP addresses to all its new products will undoubtedly heat up interest in IPv6. How many addresses can you get from IPv6's 128-bit header? Here's one way to look at it: Imagine 1 trillion Bill Gateses standing in a circle (not a pretty picture, but play along for a moment). Now ask each one to convert his fortune into pennies and toss them in a collective pile. If each penny contained 1 trillion tiny computers and each computer had its own IP address, you'd still have used only a fraction of IPv6's potential space. Link

If you live in the

If you live in the Bay Area, you might want to check out the 8th Annual 'Ukulele Festival of Northern California on Sunday in Hayward. Gee, I wish I could go! Link

Karl Schroeder's Ventus gets raves

Karl Schroeder's Ventus gets raves at the New York Times! Link

London slang! Link (Thanks, Dennis!)

London slang! Link (Thanks, Dennis!)

Braholster! Link

Braholster! Link