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Messy Chestnut is a funny

Messy Chestnut is a funny blog.
"...I’ve been flying a lot lately, and I have some recommendations for you for replacement taglines.
Southwest Airlines: We’re goofy, you’re cattle.
American Airlines: We removed a row so you can pay twice as much.
United Airlines Damn good at striking.
Delta Airlines: We crash a lot.
Continental Airlines: Where pilots learn to fly.
America West: Come sit on our fart-saturated seats.
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Memoir of a woman cleaning

Memoir of a woman cleaning out the amazingly filthy, poorly maintained house she's just bought.
I also cleaned out the light fixture above the oven, which hadn't been working heretofore. It was full of DEAD GRASSHOPPERS. I kid you not. I put together a Visible Grasshopper model when I was a girl, and I know what one looks like!

Roaches of every size, and some of them even had wings! Bishop got a shovel and started helping me excavate. There was a layer of foam rubber, a layer of carpet, and layers and layers of bubble wrap (all crawling with cockroaches), and then a very large Mylar bag sealed up with duct tape and containing Something.

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I spend 15-25 days/month on

I spend 15-25 days/month on the road (if you don't see me post to Boing Boing for a day, it's likely I spent that day on an airplane) and when I get to my destination, there're only two things I want from my hotel: an ashtray and a highspeed, in-room Internet connection. Geektools' "Geektels" directory is a collaborative project to list every hotel thus equipped in the world. Link Discuss

Queer Trek: the long, long

Queer Trek: the long, long struggle to get a gay Trek character on-screen (awesome photoshopping, too).
Roddenberry's lawyer, Leonard Maizlish, even went so far as to write story memos and rewrite scripts. And Maizlish was hardly sensitive to the gay issue. "The last time I saw [Maizlish] I was helping Herb Wright pack up his office," says Gerrold. "The lawyer came to make sure we weren't stealing anything. To my face, he called me 'an AIDS-infected cocksucker. A fucking faggot.'"
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Ted Chiang is a brilliant

Ted Chiang is a brilliant sf writer who doesn't write nearly enough (OTOH, he keeps beating me out on awards, so maybe that's a good thing). His magnificent story "72 Letters" is available online. Link Discuss

My new personal calling cards:

My new personal calling cards: one for Toronto, one for SF, and one for both. Collect the whole set! Link Discuss

Koko the Gorilla needs a

Koko the Gorilla needs a caregiver/sysadmin. No, really. Link Discuss (Thanks, Dennis!)

Pat sez: "Furby now had

Pat sez: "Furby now had a girlfriend--a bearded clam (no, I'm not kidding)." Link Discuss

Kiss My Freckled Ass Goodbye:

Kiss My Freckled Ass Goodbye: resources for disgruntled employees. Link Discuss (Thanks, Sandra!)

"The psychology of the eyelids."

"The psychology of the eyelids." This is why I love Jorn Barger. Link Discuss

Cardiff City footballer's contract guarantees

Cardiff City footballer's contract guarantees him "physical relations with a sheep." Link Discuss (Thanks, mattrose!)

Breaking news! The film option

Breaking news! The film option on Richard Kadrey's excellent Wired cover story, "New You" (a fictional news account of the first human clone) has been exercised! Go Richard! Bring home the major Hollyweird kwan! Link Discuss

Fear! Famous Scientologists (Garrett, Travolta,

Fear! Famous Scientologists (Garrett, Travolta, et al) perform the music of L. Ron Hubbard. Link Discuss (via MeFi)

Melt a penny in 30

Melt a penny in 30 seconds using the power of sunlight and the wonder of fresnel lenses. Don't watch too closely,though -- "Looking at the melting penny is similar to looking directly into the sun. Eye damage can occur without any pain. Instruct everyone to look only for a second at a time and to then look away." Link Discuss (via Memepool)

Another tasty bit from Salon

Another tasty bit from Salon on the MS verdict: Andrew Leonard in streaming MP3, discussing the case. Link Discuss

Elian one year later, via

Elian one year later, via the BBC. Summary: he's doing real good. You know, what I'd really like to see is a world in which every media report on conditions in Cuba contained a comparison to US-friendly "democracies" in the region (i.e. "Fidel Castro continues his deplorable policy of quaranting HIV positive individuals, while in nearby Haiti, such people die in the streets, unfed and in constant danger of physical violence"). I've spent a fair bit of time in Cuba, and while it's got some undeniable problems, they pale in comparison to the Domincan Republic, Haiti, and other "free" lands. Link Discuss (via Exciting Monkeybum Stories for Boys and Girls)

When Salon is good, it's

When Salon is good, it's very, very good. This morning, they've assembled commentary on the MS decision from the likes of Lessig, O'Reilly and Raymond. Thoughtful, revealing stuff.
I think hackers in general have always suspected that what the government did would turn out to be irrelevant (Eric S Raymond)

I guess they still do have a monopoly on desktop clients -- and as a result, it would be great to see some restrictions on their ability to use that monopoly in anticompetitive ways -- but we have to remember that the desktop is less of a power base than it was a few years ago. (Tim O'Reilly)

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