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Counter-benefit. Musicians like Elton John

Counter-benefit. Musicians like Elton John and No Doubt are staging a benefit concert to raise funds to sue the music industry for greater artist control of their work. Link Discuss

OSS Quake II. id Software

OSS Quake II. id Software has released the sourcecode for Quake II, clearing the way for ports to funky OSes, like OSX, Pocket Linux, etc. Quake I has been open-source for ages now, and the codebase has mutated into a number of crazy and cool projects, like "panoramic Quake" in which the user's POV is represented by a crazy bulging lens in that shows a 360 degree view of the action. Quake II is far more sophisticated, and I can only imagine that we're in for some fabulous gaming treats as OSS hackers turn their hands to the project. Link Discuss

Rushing the Chunnel. Hundreds of

Rushing the Chunnel. Hundreds of Kurdish and Afghani refugees rush the French entrance of the Chunnel, hoping to make it to England and freedom, only to be repelled by gendarmes spraying teargas. Link Discuss

Defending dogmeat. A Korean newspaper

Defending dogmeat. A Korean newspaper editorial counsels Koreans to simply ignore Western criticism of the practive of eating dogs, and defend the practice on the grounds that eating dogs is no worse that eating horses or cows. I've seen exposes on the practice of eating dog, and they always revolve around the terrible conditions in which the meat-dogs are kept, and the cruelty of the slaughter, but based on books like Fast Food Nation, it doesn't seem that these practices are any nastier than those that we in the west engage in when raising and slaughtering cows, sheep and chickens. This is hardly a defense, but it does point out the essential sentimentality of the west's horror of eating dog. Link Discuss

Reinventing TiVo. Carl Malamud wants

Reinventing TiVo. Carl Malamud wants to develop something called NetTopBox, which is basically a cross between TiVo (automatically record shows you're likely to be interested in) and Slashdot (explicitly review and rate otehrs' reviews of programming). Seems silly to me -- TiVo's heading in that direction already with their collaborative filter (which is so utterly fantastic, I could swoon, for example, my TiVo nabbed me "Emmet Otter's Jug Band Xmas Special," an old, old, old Jim Henson special, without my having to tell it about it). Why not just work on helping move TiVo to a standards-defined model (Ethernet interface, Divx files, standardized login, etc)? LinkDiscuss (Thanks, Dan!)

Measuring breasts. US Patent #5,965,809:

Measuring breasts. US Patent #5,965,809: "Method of bra size determination by direct measurement of the breast"
A method of obtaining chest measurement for determining bra size by combining direct measurement and additive numerical data comprising the steps of: partially determining band size measurement by directly measuring the torso immediately below the breasts using a measurement tape to obtain a torso circumference number; completing the determination of band size by adding five inches to said measured torso circumference number; determining band size and cup size includes solely using a single length of flexible measuring tape having numerical indicia in terms of inches along the length of the tape; and partially determining breast cup size by directly measuring the circumference of each unclothed breast from the beginning of the breast mound at one side thereof laterally across the breast to terminate at the parasternal area medially; completing the determination of breast cup size by converting said direct breast measurement of each breast to a cup size corresponding to each one inch of measurement increment to an "A" size cup, a "B" size cup, a "C" size cup and so on in a predetermined sequence.

Why do Jews write the

Why do Jews write the best Xmas songs?
It's not like Jews (and yours truly is one of 'em) care all that much about Jesus -- even though he was one of us. The rarely spoken truth about Jewish-scribed Christmas songs is that they never ever mention Jesus. And of the major league smashes we've mentioned so far, only Torme's classic even mentions the Big Guy (in the oft-dropped closing benediction "and God send you a happy New Year").
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Sad Economist story about a

Sad Economist story about a once beautiful Pacific Island.
Unlike many small, remote Pacific islands, Nauru possesses a valuable commodity, phosphate, a sought-after fertiliser ingredient. A high-grade supply was discovered in 1900. For a brief, heady moment in the 1970s, Nauruans were, astonishingly, among the richest people on earth. Now they are poverty-stricken, unhealthy and look set to be clobbered by international trade sanctions. The story of Nauru's descent from prosperity to penury is one of the most cautionary tales of modern development.
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Gallery of bowling pin

Gallery of bowling pin cheesecake. Link Discuss

Eat shit and don't die:

Eat shit and don't die: New space toilet will convert astronauts' lavatory output into food, oxygen and water. Sounds gross, but that's pretty much what nature does now. Link Discuss

Rael Dornfest's relaunched his blog,

Rael Dornfest's relaunched his blog, hurrah!LinkDiscuss

Kiddie crack. Neopets are virtual

Kiddie crack. Neopets are virtual pets your kids create and interact with. Friends with kids tell me that youngguns just can't stop playing with 'em.LinkDiscuss (Thanks, Grad!)

Food horrors. The Stained Apron

Food horrors. The Stained Apron is a site devoted to horror and revenge stories from servers, buspeople and other food-service people. I've worked my share of crappy service jobs, and I'm a very contientious tipper, and I can recognize the emotional satisfaction one may derive from serving difficult customers after-dinner mints that have been smeared with excrement, but I can't say I approve of it!
Tom Brokaw - Wonderfully nice, generous tipper. He set up a party for some people on his staff, called ahead with his credit card number and instructed the management to add a 25% gratuity. When he comes in on his own or with his family, it's always at least 25%.

Holly Hunter - Sweet, charming, straight 20% on the check total.

Jennifer Jason Leigh - An odd duck, but she always leaves at least 20%. If her boyfriend picks up the check, you're looking at 18%.

Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman - She's great, he's kind of an ass, though he did say he was sorry when he snapped his fingers to get a server's attention. 20% tip.

Christy Turlington and Jason Patric - Regular customers, 18-20% tippers. She EATS.

Kyle McLachlan - Did a party of 12 for him, and he added a bunch of cash to the already included 18% grat. But, he came in with his girlfriend a few nights later, and she paid and tipped 10%.

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Clicktrance gaming. Electronic Arts and

Clicktrance gaming. Electronic Arts and others have noticed an enormous market for online solitaire, backgammon, and other simple clicktrance games. Their site logged 3.1 billion play-mintes in November.LinkDiscuss

The top ten selling books

The top ten selling books of all time. God, there's hardly a one that I'd want to take with me to a desert island or even a boring airplane ride.LinkDiscuss (via Fark)

Moscow's 16-hour traffic-jam.At about 2

Moscow's 16-hour traffic-jam.
At about 2 a.m., cars that had been creeping more swiftly along the MKAD's inner ring, in the opposite direction, began pulling over, their passengers spilling out. They were relatives of marooned drivers, bringing fresh provisions and warm clothes to loved ones located by cellular phone. "And gas, because some people were running out of gas," Bogdanov said.

In the dead of night, entrepreneurs sprang from houses near the superhighway with homemade sandwiches, hawking them to drivers and passengers. Bogdanov said some parents took their children to the other side of the road and "begged people to take them home."

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The Xmas Glow. A

The Xmas Glow. A mad Kentuckian has enough Xmas lights strung about his home to blind Santa and light up an operating theater. Link Discuss (via Fark)

The myth of Xmas suicide:

The myth of Xmas suicide: People are less likely to kill themselves in December, more likely to snuff it in April.LinkDiscuss (via Fortean Times)

Junky's Christmas, by William S.

Junky's Christmas, by William S. Burroughs. Happy Hoho!LinkDiscuss (via Memepool)

Virtual Keyboard. Senseboard's Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard. Senseboard's Virtual Keyboard is basically two high-tech bands that you velcro across the back of your hands, which monitor your fingers' motions as you air-type input over the wireless link to your PDA or computer.LinkDiscuss (Thanks, Dad!)

Give to the EFF. Excellent

Give to the EFF. Excellent article explaining why you should donate to the EFF this Xmas season on K5.
Those who get it (e.g., you) are pathetically apolitical. You're proud of your apathy. You're disgusted with people who try to persuade politicians. So am I. But while you do nothing, the future of creativity and innovation is sold in DC - typically to the highest, and most disgusting bidder. --Lawrence Lessig

Linking isn't trademark dilution. A

Linking isn't trademark dilution. A court has upheld 2600 magazine's right to link to Ford's site, despite Ford's contention that 2600's directing the domain "" to was a trademark dilution. Man, if this is allowed, what the hell is KPMG thinking?LinkDiscuss (/.)

Make a schtup foundation. Various

Make a schtup foundation. Various experts debate a dying teenager's last wish -- to get laid.LinkDiscuss (via K5)

60,000 Germans stuck in traffic

60,000 Germans stuck in traffic on the first day of Xmas.
A 90-mile jam on the main north-south 9 motorway on Friday night was described by a police spokesman in Bavaria, southern Germany, as ``certainly the worst we have ever seen.''
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60,000 Hong Kongians piss the

60,000 Hong Kongians piss the bed.
The survey by the Chinese University of Hong Kong of 8,500 people showed that sufferers were most likely to wet their beds when choosing a job and or when they were worried about work performance.
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Dmitry didn't sell out. The

Dmitry didn't sell out. The US Attorney's office issued a press release characterizing Dmitry "Adobe eBook Crack" Skylarov's release as a plea bargain, implying that he'd been let go in exchange for testimony against his employer, Elcomsoft (who they characterized as his "former employer"). Don't you believe it! Dmitry was released because the US Attorney knew they couldn't make a case. Dmitry is still working for Elcomsoft. Dmitry did not sell out.LinkDiscuss

Our incestuous media. The Nation's

Our incestuous media. The Nation's produced a fantastic interactive infographic showing how ten companies control all the media in the universe. LinkDiscuss (via MeFi)

Petition Conan. An indie musician

Petition Conan. An indie musician is enlisting netizens to pressure Conan O'Brien into making him the first unsigned act to be featured on the show.LinkDiscuss (Thanks, Rodger!)

Dan sez "Goose-bump raising write-up

Dan sez "Goose-bump raising write-up of pool playing Filipino whom Jeanette Lee calls "the greatest player that ever lived." His skills sound inhuman.

"Don't forget to check out the Flash animation"LinkDiscuss (Thanks, Dan!)

Man caught trying to explode

Man caught trying to explode his shoe on a flight from London to Miami.LinkDiscuss