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Dating tips for autistics

Step-by-step dating instructions for autistics on's skills directory. This is a tour through the invisible world of social cues, mindbend-ing.
Things needed:

movie schedule

Step by step directions:

1.) Sit down and write down the sentence. Would you like to go with me to see _______ on Friday night at ___(whatever time movie starts? By asking the girl to see a specific movie on a specific night, you give her the chance to say "no" to the movie or the night. That way, if she says 'no', she can do so to the movie or the night.

2.) Find a girl who you would like to go see a movie with.

3.) Introduce yourself (if she doesn't already know you) and say your line, including the name of the movie and the time.

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A Brief History of Spirit Photography

"How wonderful is the recent progress of our art! We now in the usual way go through the process of having our picture taken, but when the finished photograph is presented, lo! Beside our lovely image is the attendant spirit, a babe, or a grandfather, or an unknown!" If you have a line on any original spirit photographs, my wunderkammer is waiting! Link Discuss (Thanks, Denise!)

A remembrance of and primer for color

Colors explained by a blind man who lost his sight when he was 11.
Amber. Brownish yellow.
Apple Yellow. Normally a light to dark yellow or yellowish green.
Banana Yellow. Moderate to light yellow.
Bisque. Pale orange yellow to yellowish gray. Also, moderate yellowish pink.
Blond. Light yellow or light golden.
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Woodring's amazing plastic pals

Stefan sez: "Sony commissioned "Frank" creator Jim Woodring to come up with a set of plastic figures . . . part of a line by various artists. They wanted weird, and he delivered. The other artists' work is worth a look, too." Discuss Link (Thanks, Stefan!)

Lawyering up and down

Overlawyered is a blog devoted to documenting the excesses of the legal profession and the subsequent deterioration of society. I
April 22 -- Lawyers puree Big Apple.  Figures from the City of New York's fiscal year 2000 show that the city paid a record $459 million in judgments and settlements, a 10.5 percent increase over the previous fiscal year.  $406 million of that figure was laid out on personal injury claims, up 11.5 percent from fiscal 1999.  (Elaine Song, "Costs Climb for the City", New York Law Journal, Mar. 21; "New York Sees Higher Verdicts in 2001", New York Law Journal, Mar. 21; "Tort City, U.S.A." (editorial), Wall Street Journal, Apr. 17 (online subscribers only). (DURABLE LINK)
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Capture MP3 streams in OS X

StreamCatcher is a MacOS X utility for storing MP3 streams to disk as MP3 files -- a nice testimonial to the strength of Apple's new Unix underpinnings, as the app consists of nothing more than a GUI built on top of the GNU/Linux utility Streamripper. Link Discuss (Thanks, Fred!)

Canadians don't trust politicians

69% of Canadians believe that Federal and Provincial politicos are lying, corrupt scumbags. (Remaining 31% believe in the tooth fairy?) Link Discuss (Thanks, Greg!)

Hacktivism demystified

Great rant from the Cult of the Dead Cow's Oxblood Ruffin explaining the whys and wherefores of Hacktivism.
Witnessing hi-tech firms dive into China is like watching the Gadarene swine. Already fat and greedy beyond belief, the Western technology titans are being herded towards the trough. And with their snouts deep in the feedbag, they haven't quite noticed the bacon being trimmed off their ass. It isn't so much a case of technology transfer as digital strip-mining. Advanced research and technical notes are being handed over to the Chinese without question. It couldn't be going better for the Communists. While bootstrapping their economy with the fruits of Western labor and ingenuity, they gain the tools to prune democracy on the vine.
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Porn: Where old domains go to die

This is an amazing case-study documenting a porn-site that has registered over 4,000 expired domains and pointed them at itself (presumably on the grounds that people following old bookmarks and links to the original site will see the porn and possibly register for the site). The documentation is really amazing: The author's gone back to snapshots of the old domains to see what they looked like and what their meta-tags said they were about.
Current title: Tina's Free Live Webcam
Old title: Pace Technologies
Google: Pages containing (50), linking to Old description: providing web design and hosting, e-commerce solution, email accounts, web application development, domain name registration... one of the chinese leading agencies.
Old keywords: website hosting, web advertising, web publishing, complete web design packages, web designing, web design, email To fax, e-commerce, electronic stores, virtual mall, payment, order form, shopping cart, virtual hosting, virtual server, customized programmi ...
Archive: index, as of ~1/1/2000 (871 distinct snapshots among 999 archives since Nov 5, 1996)

Current title: Tina's Free Live Cam
Old title: Pack Attack Online- "Your source for the Green Bay Packers"
Google: Pages containing, linking to
Old description: Green Bay Packers Pictures, Live news, stats, and more!
Archive: index, as of ~1/1/2000 (7 distinct snapshots among 9 archives since Mar 4, 2000)

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Hypnotically encased iMacs trick unsuspecting computer users into accepting Darwinism

"Creation Science" loonies have found a new source of evil: The Open Source core of OS X, which is called "Darwin."
However, these propagandists aren't just targeting the young. Take for example Apple Computers, makers of the popular Macintosh line of computers. The real operating system hiding under the newest version of the Macintosh operating system (MacOS X) is called... Darwin! That's right, new Macs are based on Darwinism! While they currently don't advertise this fact to consumers, it is well known among the computer elite, who are mostly Atheists and Pagans. Furthermore, the Darwin OS is released under an "Open Source" license, which is just another name for Communism. They try to hide all of this under a facade of shiny, "lickable" buttons, but the truth has finally come out: Apple Computers promote Godless Darwinism and Communism.
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Sterling's CFP speech

Bruce Sterling gave a remarkable, inflammatory, hilarious, confusing, terrific speech at Computers, Freedom and Privacy in San Francisco. It's a Sterling classic:
So, I went to my hotel room here. Very nice, perfectly acceptable. It has a bedside digital clock that was never reset for daylight savings time. There's even digital media on the hotel TV. Did anyone else notice Channel 19? It's supposed to be showing a promotional DVD for San Francisco tourist sites. But it's a scratched DVD. So there has been a scratched record, repeating the same 5 to 7 seconds of video, around the clock, in this hotel, all week. DVDs really suck. When they malfunction, the visual damage on the screen is just awe- inspiring. Why several hundred computer experts at CFP never complained to hotel management about this stuck DVD, that is beyond me. I mean, it is a commercial DVD, so maybe they were afraid of being prosecuted under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. But come on! How long has this thing been malfing? Maybe it's been screwed-up ALL YEAR!
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Tesselation gallery

Amazing Japanese gallery of animated tesselations -- math curriculum waiting to happen! Link Discuss (Thanks, Dad!)

NSI horror stories

Well, I took a three-day weekend off and had a fine old time. Of course, now it's time to pay the piper and deal with the hundreds of messages in my in-box.

First up, here's a blog documenting NetSol horror stories. NetSol is our least favorite registrar, a division of the "trust" company Verisign, and this singular site documents abuse after abuse, demonstrating the depth of NetSol's incompetence, villainy and dishonesty.

On domain no notification of renewal was received until June 2001, however expiration was 5/12/01. When transfer to Tucows was attempted, Network Solutions refused to allow transfer. Informed by [winning registrar customer service] that there was nothing they could do to assist. Forced to pay NetworkSolutions their bloated fee for another year so as not to lose the domain, since they had ALSO hoarded the domain past its expiration.
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Lifestyles of Slovenly Japanese Housewives

Excellent (but really low-rez) segment from a Japanese TV show about "katazukerarenai onnatachi" (women who can't clean up.) Link Discuss (Thanks, Charles Eicher!)

Steve Ballmer's new dance tune

Here's Ballmer's followup to his hit Monkeyboy video of last year. Link Discuss

Random Registration Generator

I don't mind regsitering for the NYT, but this is a clever trick. Link Discuss (Thanks, Chris Barrus)

Unintentional phallic symbol in golfer photo?

Boing Boing reader Chris comments, "Ah, yes. The power of media imagery. Does anyone believe the photographer DIDN'T see this image the way we are seeing it?" Link Discuss

Yahoo Yanked Yodeler

The guy who provided the "Yahoo!" yodel played at the end of company's TV commercials wants Yahoo to fork over $5,000,000. He was originally paid $590, but he says it was his understanding that his yodel would be used on just one commercial, not all of them. Yodelers are just about the only group of people ukulele players can make fun of. (Incidentally, John Kricfalusi of Spumco belongs to a yodeling club.) Link Discuss

Torturer worked at Disney World

A torturing, murdering human rights criminal from Haiti worked at Walt Disney World for two years.
Maj. Gen. Jean-Claude Duperval is accused of having participated in the Raboteau massacre, in Gonaives, 150 kilometers (93 miles) north of Port-au-Prince, on April 22, 1994, under the military regime of coup-leader Raoul Cedras.
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The Illustrated Gravity's Rainbow

Eli sez: "A graphic and text summary of Thomas Pynchon's _Gravity's Rainbow_. The interface is bit odd, but play with it." Link Discuss (Thanks, Eli the Bearded!)

How to Make an Aqua Button

Step-by-step Photoshop instructions for making buttons and other UI elements that look like OS X's Aqua. Link Discuss (Thanks, Arnab!)

How to Grow More Vegetables Than You Ever Thought Possible On Less Land Than You Can Imagine

Extreme gardening. I want meals-in-a-pill generated by my nanofab, but until then...
It takes about 15,000 to 30,000 square feet of land to feed one person the average U.S. diet," he says. "I've figured out how to get it down to 4,000 square feet. How? I focus on growing soil, not crops.
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Patrick's up for a Hugo!

Patrick Nielsen Hayden just landed his eighth Best Editor (thanks, Patrick) Hugo nomination! How long, I wonder, until there are enough bloggers on the ballot for a Nominees' Blog? Link Discuss

Charlie's up for a Hugo!

Charlie Stross got a Hugo Nomination for his brilliant story, "Lobsters." All hail Charlie! You gonna post the story, Stross? Link Discuss

Japanese phones go IP

The Japanese telco monopoly is ditching circuit-switching for Internet Protocol. Paging Bob Frankston, your meme is ready. Link Discuss (Thanks, Pat!)

My Google Answers question

Here's my Google Answers question: five bucks is on the table!
How much space would one hour of ATSC-encoded, cleartext video occupy on a harddrive (without any compression beyond that which is part of ATSC)?
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An eBay for cluefullness

Google has relaunched its Google Answers service. Originally, Answers used a staff of paid researchers to answer questions posed by visitors who ponied up a buck for the privelege. This model is pretty obviously non-scalable.

The new Answers is much, much neater. Google is hosting a marketplace for answers. Visitors post questions and offer up a sum between $4 and $50. Any registered user can proffer their opinions on the question (which the poser gets to look at for free), and the researcher distills the wisdom and provides a definitive answer.

The next step, I hope, is cutting in kibbitzers for a share of the bounty if their input is used in the answer. It's amazing how systems that rely on blessed "experts" are hard to scale, while systems that just provide a place for people to do their thing and figure out a way to extract some cash (i.e., eBay) scale fantastically well and make giant oodles of money.

Can't wait to see where this is going. Link Discuss (via MeFi)

The Internet was made for cussin'

Glorious Usenet profanity:
So, I have the fucking bitch job of fuck. I forgot to tell that. And I can't get any other job, because I am on the Enemies List. And also, that job makes my head bees get angry almost every day. And. BORING. All the time. As boring as a stupid guy who is a different kind of stupid from what you are.

And today, I am wearing these different shoes that I don't wear very much, but they cost me $5, so I figured I'd better wear them sometimes, but then they are not my regular shoes, so I am all feeling like a movie star wearing them, like Ernest Borgnine or something in my dumb fucking shoes, and then I have to wear the dumbass holder thing with my dumbass picture on it, in case I ever forget for a minute that I am just a big dumb bag of meat, I can look and find out all about it all over again.

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Send an email to with some searchterms in the subject line -- it will mail back your search results. Viva Google API! Link Discuss (via Werblog) (Which is Kevin Werbach's blog, which I discovered through Doc)

Microsoft tells schools: refuse computers without their orginal paperwork

Microsoft's guidelines for schools that are accepting donated PCs is a hoot, primarily for gems such as this:
It is a legal requirement that pre-installed operating systems remain with a machine for the life of the machine. If a company or individual donates a machine to your school, it must be donated with the operating system that was installed on the PC.
This is, of course, so much bullshit. Ridiculous statements like this reflect the dilution of First Sale in the modern world. I bought that PC. It's up to me what I do with it. I can erase the hard-drive, I can use the CDs that the OS shipped on for skeet-shooting, you name it. When you abridge first-sale, you get howlers like this:
Microsoft recommends that educational institutions only accept computer donations that are accompanied by proper operating system documentation. If the donor cannot provide this documentation, it is recommended that you decline the donated PC(s).
"I'm sorry, sir, we can't accept that computer for your daughter's kindergarten class; you lost the warranty card." Link Discuss (via /.)