I've been Expediated again

Yesterday's Expedia horror story only worsens. I called American Airlines yesterday and used the fact that I was a gold frequent flyer to get them to intervene, booking me my one-day extension to my London ticket.

But I just re-contacted American Airlines, and discovered that Expedia wouldn't let them change the ticket. Expedia told me that the ticket couldn't be changed because American Airlines had placed restrictions on the fare, but when American waived those restrictions, Expedia blackballed my changes.

So I'm back in hold-queue hell. Let me say this again, in case I wasn't clear enough yesterday: Stay away from Expedia. Abandon travel, ye who book there. Expedia not only treats its customers terribly as a result of incompetence; it also actively works to their detriment, deliberately imposing obstacles on their travel.

I feel like a fool for having allowed myself to be duped by Expedia. I will certainly never book there again, and I sincerely hope that you-all will benefit from my mistake, and stay clear of Expedia from now on. Discuss