Bugzilla: Better organization through code

Bugzilla is the bug-tracker that was created for the hackers who work on the brilliant Mozilla browser. A bug-tracker's job is to keep track of open tasks -- features that need implmenting, bugs that need fixing, ideas for new stuff -- keep track of who's working on them, and log authoratative fixes. You know that $50,000 project-management database your company uses to keep track of its universe? That's what Bugzilla does, only it's free.

Bugzilla isn't bug-free (there's an entire Bugzilla development team tracking and patching Bugzilla bugs, using Bugzilla to monitor their progress!), and you need to be pretty tech-savvy to get it to run, but it's well worth the effort.

Every time I use Bugzilla, I think to myself, "Here is a tool that can and should be used by most every organization, a central repository of tasks and efforts that can be searched and accessed and referred back to."

Anyway, the new Bugzilla's for OS X is out, and I've got my copy. Link Discuss