Danny embraces the Panopticon

Danny "NTK" O'Brien has embraced the Panopticon and written a little app that makes guesses about where he is and whether he's awake. Load the link below and his agent will pry into Danny's personal life on your behalf:
hereabouts I last saw Danny on Tue Jul 30 at 21:53. I think he was hacking away on a borrowed iBook. I remember he told me to say: I'm in, at or about:

Aug 14? Portland, OR
Aug 29-Sep 2 ConJose WorldCon (must. buy. tickets)
Sept. 9th-21st (?) UK
Sept. 30th - October 3rd O'Reilly MacOS conference (awaiting press creditation)

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If the "To be read" indicator gets too big, I'm probably busy.

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