O Canada movie from Epcot slated for replacement

O Canada, the CircleVision 360 movie at the Canada pavilion in Epcot Center is slated for an update:
O'Canada has been running since the 1980's and that Canadian Tourism board are rumoured to be unhappy that it shows a dated view of the country
Funny notes on CircleVision movies, from Koenig's More Mouse Tails: A Closer Peek Backstage at Disneyland:
For the filmmakers, the greatest challenge was ensuring that something interesting was happening on every screen. Sometimes there might be beautiful scenery on one side of the road and nothing on the other. Full-round vision also made it difficult for the director to ensure that unwanted images stayed off the screen. Inconsistencies in the 1966 film America the Beautiful, for example, included tissues blowing across the battlefield during the Battle of Gettysburg, a child picking his nose and cattle jumping each other. Near the Liberty Bell, an elderly man trips on a crack in the sidewalk and quickly looks around to make sure no one can see him. Across from Independence Hall, a mother holding a cigarette lowers her hand an accidentally burns her young daughter's wrist. Since the cameras were assembled in a circle, there was no place for people to hide to watch the filming. Consequently, Walt Disney can be spotting in about a half-dozen scenes, watching the action from the shadows.
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