Arlo Guthrie, netizen

Arlo Guthrie has an AOL account and he uses Usenet to research folk music and run down folkie trivia with acoustic-nerds.
From: ADG01369 ( Subject: Re: Woody Guthrie's picking style question Newsgroups:

I may have answered too quickly... thumb on the down-beats and fingers between works better...

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eBay is an evidence bonanza for asbestos lawyers

Lawyers are using eBay to gather evidence in asbestos suits:
After a heated bidding war on eBay, Mark Lanier recently paid $2,125 to win a 1941 Naval Machinery manual.

It sounds like a peculiar collecting hobby, but to Lanier it was serious business. The Houston lawyer, who sues companies on behalf of asbestos-exposure victims, was bidding against a defense lawyer to get his hands on an evidentiary trophy filled with details on where and how asbestos was used aboard ships...

"You are talking about activities that occurred 20, 30, 40 years ago," said Eliot Jubelirer, a San Francisco lawyer who represents corporations. "There's nobody alive today who was in those companies years ago."

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Usenet ASCII art made by gaming Google

Ben Hammersley sez: Metafilter uncovers a neat new thing: Posting to Usenet in such a way that when you search for a keyword in Google Groups, the automatic highlighting on the message makes a picture. Link, Link Discuss (via Ben Hammersley) Read the rest

Danny embraces the Panopticon

Danny "NTK" O'Brien has embraced the Panopticon and written a little app that makes guesses about where he is and whether he's awake. Load the link below and his agent will pry into Danny's personal life on your behalf:
hereabouts I last saw Danny on Tue Jul 30 at 21:53. I think he was hacking away on a borrowed iBook. I remember he told me to say: I'm in, at or about:

Aug 14? Portland, OR Aug 29-Sep 2 ConJose WorldCon (must. buy. tickets) Sept. 9th-21st (?) UK Sept. 30th - October 3rd O'Reilly MacOS conference (awaiting press creditation)

Mail To be read: 14 To be answered: 38 Spam: 673 spam mails since Sat Jul 27 22:52:47 2002 If the "To be read" indicator gets too big, I'm probably busy.

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Animated Pop-up Book of Phobias

Gary Greenberg, author of the wonderful "Pop-up Book of Phobias" has put up a great vanity site, with a link to his animated promo for the PuBoP that is so intensely creepy and wonderful, I will have nightmares for years. Link Discuss (Thanks, Gary!) Read the rest

How-to for sleazemongers

Managing Activism: A Guide to Dealing with Activists and Pressure Groups is a book that gives expert advice to corporate players on how to neutralize whistle blowers who call them out on corrupt and unethical practices.
Managing Activism is written for PR practitioners whose clients engage in risky businesses (fossil fuels, pesticides, genetically engineered foods, nuclear waste, toxic dumps, animal testing) and who therefore become the targets of "activist groups" including "environmentalists, workers' rights activists, animal rights groups and human rights campaigners." Don't expect much sympathy for the activists. Deegan is a battle-hardened PR veteran and a committed soldier in the war against activists who "in an increasingly pluralistic society" present what she calls "a growing threat to organizations of all shapes and sizes. And because activists employ a wide range of aggressive tactics such as generating bad publicity, seeking government and legislative intervention, encouraging boycotts, etc., they can cause severe disruption, including damage to reputation, sales, profitability, employee satisfaction and, of course, share price."
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O Canada movie from Epcot slated for replacement

O Canada, the CircleVision 360 movie at the Canada pavilion in Epcot Center is slated for an update:
O'Canada has been running since the 1980's and that Canadian Tourism board are rumoured to be unhappy that it shows a dated view of the country
Funny notes on CircleVision movies, from Koenig's More Mouse Tails: A Closer Peek Backstage at Disneyland:
For the filmmakers, the greatest challenge was ensuring that something interesting was happening on every screen. Sometimes there might be beautiful scenery on one side of the road and nothing on the other. Full-round vision also made it difficult for the director to ensure that unwanted images stayed off the screen. Inconsistencies in the 1966 film America the Beautiful, for example, included tissues blowing across the battlefield during the Battle of Gettysburg, a child picking his nose and cattle jumping each other. Near the Liberty Bell, an elderly man trips on a crack in the sidewalk and quickly looks around to make sure no one can see him. Across from Independence Hall, a mother holding a cigarette lowers her hand an accidentally burns her young daughter's wrist. Since the cameras were assembled in a circle, there was no place for people to hide to watch the filming. Consequently, Walt Disney can be spotting in about a half-dozen scenes, watching the action from the shadows.
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Smart Mobs: Swarm the Planet

WashPo talks to Howard Rheingold about Smart Mobs, his new book about the ways that networked communications generate purposeful, leaderless swarms of humanity:
"It's the search for peak experience, something that's really going to be special," says Adam Eidinger, a District political organizer. "It happened to me just last week. There was a concert at Fort Reno -- Fugazi." His cell rang. "There's this guy, Bernardo, who's one of the biggest swarmer cell-phone people I know." Came the restless call: " 'Where are you? There are all these people here!' And he wasn't just calling us. He called 25 people. Pretty soon everybody he knew was sitting on the grass, and none of them knew they were going to be there that morning."...

Former Philippine president Joseph Estrada, accused of massive corruption, was driven out of power two years ago by smart mobs who swarmed to demonstrations, alerted by their cell phones, gathering in no time. "It's like pizza delivery," Alex Magno, a political science professor at the University of the Philippines, told The Post at the time. "You can get a rally in 30 minutes -- delivered to you."

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Switch different -- geeky Switch campaign parodies from OSCON

The attendees at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference had a high old time, despite my absence. Evidence of the intersection of MacOS hackers and Free Software advocates: they put together half a dozen parodies of the Apple "Switch" ads, using an iBook and iMovie, natch. My favorites are Nat Torkington's sarcastic paeon to Python (starring his ass, no less!) and Sarah Burcham's "I'm Just a Girl" rationale for adopting XP over Linux. Link Discuss (via Raelity Bytes) Read the rest

The happiest photos on Earth

Ben and Mena "Movable Type" Trott took some holidays in Disneyland -- their photos are wonderful. The photographer's eye really exposes the surreal, pastel wunderland that is The Happiest Place on Earth. Link Discuss (via Dollarshort) Read the rest

Wireless stats for fun and profit

Great collection of 802.11a and WiFi statistics. As Kevin Werbach notes, these are great fodder if you're going out trying to raise money for a standards-defined wireless Internet company (you know who you are!).
The good: WLAN product sales for businesses are up, as high as 175%, and will continue to grow another 60% in 2002. Security specialists, of course, have done quite well in the last few months, as 802.11x security remains the consistent bug in most business implementations.
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The geekiest rock-band ever: they perform short speed-metal biographies of great science fiction writers.
BlöödHag is a band from Seattle, WA. They are dedicated to the promotion of literacy in a Heavy Metal format. All their songs are short speed metal bios of some of the greatest science fiction writers of all time. With songs such as "J.R.R. Tolkein and "Michael Moorcock" they will blow your illiterate ass right back to the library...

Ray Bradbury

Pretty Good For Never Having Gone To College, Ray But When I Saw You On TV I Felt You Owed Me An Apology But Not For: Fahrenheit 451 Not For: Golden Apples of the Sun Not For: Something Wicked This Way Comes Not For: Martian Chronicles, Volume One

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I'm back and boy, did my holidays ever kick azz!

Didja miss me? I had a totally killer couple of weeks. Saw friends and family. Had an awesome birthday celebration. Got good schwag. Accumulated about 50 blogworthy tidbits that I'll be posting over the remainder of the week. Best of all, I got a ton of writing done. I'm back at work on novel #3, "Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town," and I wrote a long novella about Trusted Computing called "0wnz0red" that is so! utterly! geeky! Here's a taste: Link Discuss Read the rest

Cops pull over cars to take a survey

Cops in Florida have set up roadblocks to pull people over and ask them to take a survey on a proposed rail system.
``The bottom line is, we can do it. It's well within the law,'' said Adrian Share of HNTB Corp., general consultants for the rail authority. ``With the cooperation of state troopers, the state is allowed to pull people over just to seek information.''
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Giant Scientology building in Florida

The new Scientology building being erected in Clearwater is called "Super Power." Link Discuss Read the rest

Wonderfully weird Japanese ice cream

Must-see photo gallery from an ice cream makers' convention in Japan. Anyone want a bowl of ox tongue flavored ice cream? Link Discuss Read the rest

Odds of Dying

The odds that you'll die of a car accident are 1 in 81. The odds that you'll die from a poisonous snake, lizard, or spider are 1 in 704,688. Link Discuss Read the rest

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