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$140 Walking Robot

Cool little walking robot. You can see a video clip here. Link Discuss (Thanks, Scott!) Read the rest

Nigerian asks me to help him scam people

I write a column for the print edition of Playboy called "Living Online." Here's an email I received:
Hi, I am an ardent raeder of your exciting magazine and has found it irresistible and quite useful in improving my sex knowledge and i wish to commend you on this.

I would please request you send me names and e-mail addresses of penpals preferably women in their 40's or divorcee's from the US or the PACIFIC.

I'm a graduate of ANTHROPOLOGY,with majors in Disaster studies,from the UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN.NIGERIA.I'm in my mid 20's,with a medium height of 5.8" and sexually active.

Hope to read from you soon.



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Biker magazine ads from the early 80s

Jennifer of has done the world an enormous favor by scanning in a bunch of ads from twenty year old biker magazines. Dope paraphernalia, naked chicks, and leather wear abound! Link Discuss Read the rest

Philo T. Farnsworth on 1957 game show

Watch the inventor of the television (whose invention was stolen away from him) try to stump a celebrity panel on an episode of "I've Got a Secret." You can learn more about Farnsworth in this Wired article by Evan Schwatrz. Link Discuss Read the rest

Cute little Boing Boing logo

Luke of Jam Sandwich made this nice little logo for Boing Boing.Thanks! Discuss Read the rest

Not so tiny flying robots

CNN article about new flying robots, with some pictures. Link Discuss (Thanks, Scott!) Read the rest

Glue Advice

Find out which glue to use when you want to stick two things together. Link Discuss (Thanks, Kevin!) Read the rest

Corporate Anthem Hit Parade

Incredible collection of corporate anthems, with lyrcis and audio!
We create, we innovate We pass the ones that are la-a-ate. A global team, this is our dream of success that we create. We'll be number one, with effort and fun Together each of us will run for gold that shines like the sun in our eyes

-- KPMG anthem

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Blind psychic predicts by butt-groping

And he probably gets paid to do it, too. Link Discuss (Thanks, Mark!) Read the rest

Betting on world events

This UK-based website is a like a casino where you can bet on events in the future, like how far some guy will throw a phone in an upcoming cell-phone throwing competition, or which on-the-skids company will bounce back the most in the next six months. Looks like a lot of fun! Link Discuss (Thanks, Kevin!) Read the rest

Animal Dildos

Not dildos for animals, but dildos for people who want dildos shaped like animal penises. I think. Link Discuss (Thanks, Scott!) Read the rest

Cellphone Call Signal Pen

Ballpoint pen comes with an LED that blinks when your cell phone rings. Good to have when your phone's ringer is switched off. Link Discuss (Thanks, Kevin!) Read the rest

Lick a breast, get mugged

Men in Colombia are being stopped in the street and asked if they would like to lick the breasts of young women. After the men collapse from ingesting the stupefactant that had been previously applied to the women's breasts, they are relieved of their valuables. Link Discuss (Thanks, Michael!) Read the rest

Unknown band gallery

Giant gallery of photos of bands nobody has ever heard of. (The guy in the first picture is the spitting image of Dan Akroyd). Link Discuss (Thanks, Steve Portigal!) Read the rest

True Porn Clerk Stories

This has already been blogged in a lot of places already, but I just got around to reading this diary of a young women who works at a video rental store that deals in porn videos. She's very funny and astute, and she ought to write a book about her adventures.
I couldn’t tell you what makes a dirtbag. It’s like obscenity: you know it when you see it. If I had to put it into a word, I’d go with "shiftiness". Dirtbags are trying to do something wrong and deep down in their dried-up little dirtbag souls they know it and somehow their mental can-I-get-away-with-this? calculations show. One guy actually has shifty eyes. I couldn’t believe it – I’d always thought that that was one of those Victorian techniques for recognizing the Criminal Type, but damned if it isn’t true. I was stunned when Mr. Creepy came up to the counter, claiming that an entire stack of porn he’d rented should be free because somehow the clerk had given him six wrong tapes, and there were his eyes, shifting shifting shifting around like beady, guilty little gnats, looking at anything in the room but me or the incriminating videos.
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DARPA IAO conspiracy

Fun tongue-in-cheek piece about DARPA and its "connection" to the shadow government and the occult. Lots of good links to follow here. Link Discuss Read the rest

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