Patron Saint sought for Internet

The Vatican has announced a hunt for a Patron Saint for the Internet. You know, there is no shortage of bushy-bearded Unix-geeks with mad saintly eyes that they could consider, but I guess that you have to be dead first, and fatally wounding the ILECs probably isn't enough of a miracle to qualify for canonization.
Will it be Archangel Gabriel, whom the Bible credits with bringing Mary the news that she'd give birth to Jesus? Or Saint Isadore of Seville, who wrote the world's first encyclopedia? Or perhaps Saint Clare of Assisi, a nun believed to have seen visions on a wall?

So far, about 5,000 visitors are casting their votes daily on, something that delights Monsignor James P. Moroney, an expert on prayer and worship for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

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