French's Mustard: Eat me! I'm not French!

Mustard-maker goes on the PR offensive amid nationwide fits of wartime anti-France fervor:
"The only thing French about French's Mustard is the name," the company announced. The mustard-maker said it felt obliged to hire a PR company to set the record straight after some media reports suggested it was being -- or should be -- boycotted because of its "French" links. A report on CNN apparently showed one restaurant replacing French's mustard with a Heinz product. "For the record, French's would like to say there is nothing more American than French's Mustard," it said, referring to its New York origins.
Update: one BoingBoing reader tells us of having received this response to an email sent to French's about the "Dude, We're So Not French!" flap:
French's appreciates your comments and is always pleased to hear from their customers. Please take note that French's -- in no way -- meant to be disrespectful or to distance themselves from the French. The press release was only written in response to several media outlets who incorrectly included French's mustard when encouraging their viewers to boycott all things French. This press release was not proactive, but rather, reactive. It is our job to educate and inform the public about French's mustard. French's is proud of their American roots and is next year celebrated their 100th birthday. I should hope that this sheds some light on were French's is coming from, and hope that you will continue to use their products.
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