3000 free trips to Toronto!

3000 free plane tickets to Toronto (RT from NYC, Montreal and Ottawa) are available from JetsGo between now and May 20. Celebrate the WHO's lifting of the SARS travel-advisory! Link Discuss Read the rest

Roger Wood's latest clock

My pal Roger Wood is an amazing assemblage scupltor in Toronto who makes the wildest goddamned whimsical clocks I've ever seen. He's just got a digital camera and he's emailing pix of his new scupltures as he finishes them to his friends. Here's one made from an old trophy and a coin-drawer, standing about 3.5' tall. Roger's work makes me so happy. It's a real treat to get the clocks by mail. I think I'll post more of these as I receive 'em. Link Discuss Read the rest

My new story in the current Asimov's

The June (current) ish of Asimov's has my story, "Nimby and the Dimension-Hoppers," and this time, they put my name on the cover. Just picked up a copy today -- nice surprise, the lead story is a rare gem from John freaking Varley, whose new novel, Red Thunder just blew me away -- it's the lovingest, bestest Heinlein tribute evar, with an ending that just rules. Link Discuss Read the rest

Down and Out on BookFilter

Bookfilter, an Internet reading club that spun out of MeFi, has chosen my novel, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom for its first reading group. The discussion is continuing apace. Link (with spoilers) Discuss (Thanks, Chuck!) Read the rest

Bill Gibson's hippie CBC moment

Vintage CBC clip of a young, shaggy-haired William Gibson giving Canada's newscameras a tour of Toronto's hippie Nirvana, Yorkville village, in 1967. The clip is encoded with Windows Media Player, because (some of) the CBC's web people have profound brain-damage. This means that I can't watch it. Someone tell me if it's any good. Someone convert it to an MPEG and post it? Link Discuss (Thanks, Rich!) Read the rest

Copyright dweebs are crapping all over democracy. Again.

Lessig reports that the sneaky dweebs on the other side are end-running around the domestic efforts to reform the DMCA by initiating copyright treaties with Chile and Singapore that require the US to not change the DMCA. Ah, the sweet smell of subverted democracy. Link Discuss Read the rest

How To Make A Telemarketer Cry

Eli the Bearded says: "Mark, a lawyer, was woken at 5:24am by an automated telemarketer. This is a detailed account of how he sued and got $500 from the telemarketer, with plenty of details to help others repeat his success." Link Discuss Read the rest

EMusic vs. Apple's Music Store

Short piece explaining why EMusic is better than Apple's new music store. I agree with everything the author says here. You could argue that Apple offers new, popular music, while EMusic has back catalog and less popular stuff only. That's true, but for me, the Cheap Suit Serenaders beat Eminem any day. Link Discuss Read the rest

PayPal to stop offering payment services for adult items

Lawrence sez: "Paypal is phasing out payment for adult items, including, oddly enough, those of parent company eBay. So, it's OK to auction the smut, but not to allow people to pay for the smut..."
PayPal is in the process of phasing out the sale of any goods which fall under the terms of the Mature Audiences Policy, according to the following terms. As a result, all PayPal accounts must follow these guidelines:

Intangible Goods: If you have registered through PayPal's digital adult merchant process, you may continue using PayPal to process payments until May 12, 2003. If you have not registered through PayPal's digital adult merchant process, you may not use PayPal to process payments. "Intangible Goods" includes digital adult products and services, including online photos, streaming video and phone or other audio services.

Tangible Goods: You may continue to use PayPal to send or receive payments for tangible adult products and services until June 12, 2003.

After June 12, 2003, you may not use PayPal to send or receive payments for any "adult" or "sexually oriented" material, including tangible products such as magazines, DVDs and video cassettes. This includes items sold through eBay's Mature Audiences category.

In the Discuss forum, BoingBoing reader "newton" wonders aloud if it's time for someone to launch PornPal. Link to Paypal notice. Read the rest

Mobile phones hail London Cabs

Beginning next week, London cellphone users will be able to hail cabs with a new mobile service:
The location-based service comes from an outfit called Zingo, which, incidentally is owned by MBH, the company that makes London's taxis. (...)When a punter calls Zingo from their mobile, location-based technology pinpoints where they are. At the same time, global positioning satellites identify Zingo taxis in the area that are free. Then, punters are automatically connected to an available cab driver in their area before the prospective passenger tells the cabbie exactly where they are. Bingo.
Link to Register story, Discuss, (via unwired list) Read the rest

Photos of elephants painting

Online photo gallery of Balinese elephants who like to paint, and snapshots of their objets d'art. Link, Discuss (via Wiley's Blog) Read the rest

More eBay silliness: hidden nude self-portraiture

If the photograph were framed in some swank art gallery, they might call it Me, Sans Clothing, Reflected Obliquely in Guitar Chrome, instead of ITEM # 2527199421. Tim says: "The seller of this guitar is reflected naked in the chrome: supersize the picture on the far right to see him in all his naked glory." Update: boingBoing reader Jesse points us to what may be an earlier exploit by the same auction-flasher, archived here on Snopes. Link, Discuss Update: OK., the auction's down, but mirror is here, (thanks, Read the rest

Survey: young people sick of reality TV

This doesn't bode well for Larry Namer's new network (blogged earlier this week): Nearly 70% of 13-24 year-olds are fed up with reality television programming, according to a survey released today by media research firm Bolt:
"American Idol" remains a major exception with over 91% of young viewers claiming they plan to view the next season's broadcast. "Observational" shows such as "The Osbournes" and "Competitive" shows such as "Fear Factor" appear to be declining in interest based on the previous year's viewing habits, although they are far from losing their audience completely. "Romance" Reality TV ("The Bachelorette") and "Viewer Voter" shows ("American Idol") are holding onto their audience share. Could Reality go the way of "Wild talk shows?" Perhaps. Young consumers are becoming jaded with Reality programming, with 68% of those surveyed claiming they are "getting tired with Reality TV shows" and 63% believing that there isn't much that's "real" in Reality TV.
Link, Discuss Read the rest

XXX-ray spex: "Infrared Video Goggles"

For $2,400, this company will sell you what it claims are "Advanced Intellligence Full-color X-ray Vision Goggles" with the power to see through clothes -- and document what you see with an accessory that "plugs right in to any VCR or CAMCORDERS with video input for portable recording." I wonder if they'll look good with my new tinfoil beanie cap? Who cares, the website's a hoot:
"The theory behind it is simple. Under normal light, the visible and infrared lights can pass through some type of material covering an object and are reflected by the object's surface. The reflected visible light is too strong and saturated to see. Therefore the covered object surface can not be visible using naked eyes. However, if the reflected visible light is filtered out and only the reflected infrared and the required light is captured using special made sensitive cameras inside the Goggles, the covered object surface will be visible. Some materials completely blocks the naked eye from seeing through it. But with these Goggles , you can see through it. With your purchase. We will include a piece of clothing material that you can test the X-RAY effect for yourself without having to go out doors to test it in public."
Link to product website, Link to purported sample images (caution: boobies), Discuss Read the rest

eBay Dada: Found poetry on feedback comment boards

Alex writes: "So, there's this person on EBay, Andy46477, who posts feedback that may be poetry, may be untreated schizophrenia, but is certainly very, very funny."
Praise: Nux VOMICA! I invoke you, BEAST! But I only do so because you are HONEST! "A++" Praise: I'll bid on you til there's nothing left but crumbs! Then I'll bid on the crumbs Praise: Uses only nice, ROUND numbers, like $10 and $12. NOT $73.98 Praise: You items carry HARMFUL DISEASES and VIRUSES. I think. I'm pretty sure. RARE! A+ Praise: There was NO REASON for you to call my house and yell at my children. Still, A+ Praise: I would rather be SLAUGHTERED for BEEF than forbidden to bid on your ITEMS! Praise: A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ and how !!!! Praise: Pornography is bad because God will kill you and eat your bones. TERIFFIC SALE! Response by bishop2 - I have not dealt with this person. Do not understand the "feedback."
BoingBoing reader Jake says, "Certainly a funny site!!! Would VISIT again!!! AAA+++!!!!" link, Discuss Read the rest

Own your own 3D Crystal ball

Unlike regular LCD monitors that fool the eye into seeing a three-dimensional image, Actuality System's new 3D display is a glass sphere that looks like a crystal ball and creates a "360-degree spatial display" viewable from any angle. Link to Gizmodo post, Discuss Read the rest

Moonset, viewed from the Space Station

This NASA website offers a streaming quicktime movie of our moon setting on the horizon, as viewed from the International Space Station. The moon turns into a squashy, pink pancake as it sets, and this science primer explains why. Link to article, Link to movie, Discuss Read the rest

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