Scary furniture

This company sells props for "Haunted Attractions" which could presumably also be used to create horrorshow ambience in your own home. Add some BDSM gear and you've got yourself a party. Shown here: Exorcist Bed & Levitator Option:
"Our Exorcist Bed thrashes on a solid steel 360-degree simulator chassis. Your Actors can ride it or you may choose to add the Levitator option which safely and comfortably floats an Actor to a height of 5' 0" up and down over the bed as it thrashes around. Unit includes solid steel chassis & bed frame, walnut stained four poster bed, pneumatic package, SFX01 computer controller, footpad. Levitator option includes padded steel cradle, pneumatic package & grip switch."
Link, Discuss (via Bruce Sterling's "Viridian" e-newsletter)