QTVR panorama: Chapel of Jean Cocteau

QTVR evangelist Hans Nyberg describes this full-screen panorama by photographer Antonio Moya.
"Jean Cocteau (1889-1963) is one of the most famous French artists from the last century. If he had lived today he would probably been called a multimedia artist. This brilliant artist was a poet, novelist, he wrote plays, articles, ballet, opera. He also made thousands of drawings, paintings, modelled clay, was a sculptor, and designed costumes. Most of us know him for the famous 1946 movie Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et la Bete). By many considered one of the best 10 movies ever made. He decorated many Chapelles in France and the Chapel Notre-Dame-de-Jerusalem also called Chapelle Cocteau was the last. He never got it finished and it was his friend and spiritual son, Edouard Dermi who finished his work. The floor is by the ceramist Roger Pelissier. It is located in the South of France at the village of Frejus."
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