Distributed fan-translation of Potter 5 into German

A group of German Harry Potter enthusiasts are working to collectively translate the English text of Order of the Phoenix into Deustch. (Machine translation below)
Over 1.000 HP fans want after the translation of HP, succeeded well, tape 4 also the new factory: "HP and the order OF Phoenix" translate together, because English actually so with difficulty at all is not.

How does that function? Everyone, which wants to go through, selects a section section (usually 5 pages), and mailt the own translation 1 to 4 weeks later to Harry up German community back; if the translation is useful, then one gets as thank-beautifully gradually the translations of the others Mituebersetzer inside zugemailt;

The project is absolutely non commercial and is to make above all the fun involved;

Link Discuss (via Kottke)