Online erotic digital photo gallery: Dreampod Sessions

Susannah points us to a new online erotic photo series at The Dreampod Sessions. Interview with the photographer and non-worksafe photos here (paid registration required). It involves both Williamsburg *and* digital cameras -- seems like it belongs somewhere on the hipster bingo card.
Single-named but multipartnered, Siege is a thirty-one-year-old photographer from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. With some colored gels, a few cameras and a harem of female friends, he created what he calls a "dreampod" in his bedroom, a comfortable space where Siege and his friends are free to express themselves sexually and artistically. Looking at these pictures, I alternate between thinking, "These are some of the coolest images I've seen" and "I'll never be able to walk around Williamsburg again, knowing that above some Polish bakery, Siege or someone like him is getting away with murder."