Latest Nikon digicam has Wi-Fi option and built-in FTP

Via Jason "I 0wn all the good domain names in LA" DeFillippo's blog:
"The new Nikon Digital SLR has an option for Wifi! FUCKING WIFI! Only problem is that it's 4.1 megapixel. I've got a 6.1 and I'll live with the offloading but... FUCKING WIFI! Here's good overview. List price is $3500 which is steep for the resolution but everything else on the camera is STELLAR. 11 area AF sensors. Jesus. And it's got built in FTP. The fucking camera has FTP. Those boys at Nikon rock. If it had a full sized CCD and higher res it would be perfect. Utterly perfect. Oh yeah, and Firewire. USB 2 is lame."
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