"Fully interactive" porn DVDs become a reality

NYT story on the growing popularity of "interactive porn" DVDs, such as one presently top-selling set of nine DVDs (retailing for $31 per disc) that promises "Virtual Sex With..." various stars:
The actress is shown looking at the camera the whole time and talking directly to the viewer. Her co-star is never fully revealed. Only his hands and other crucial appendages are visible, depending on the sex act that the viewer gets to choose.(...)In "Virtual Sex With Devon," the DVD starts with a brief introduction: "I'm Devon. Are you ready to play with me?" At that point Devon's head bobs robotically back into place and the same greeting is repeated until the viewer chooses from four features offered on the on-screen menu: "Strip," "Stories," "Foreplay" and "Sex."

If the viewer chooses the "Foreplay" or "Sex" option, he can choose one of four sexual positions and even Devon's "demeanor" — like "innocent" or "nasty" (when she "talks dirty and gets dominant"). There are also little icons on screen in the shape of tongues, vibrators and fingers to choose from to further direct the action."You choose the sexual positions!" screams the box text for the "Virtual Sex" series. "You choose the camera angles! You can choose her moods between innocent and nasty! You ask her to strip naked for you! You control this gorgeous sexual animal and enjoy her countless times!"

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