Emerging Tech 3 call for participation

Hey, you! Doing something cool involving technology? Propose a talk for the O'Reilly Emerging Tech conference, where geeks show up and show off. Cheapest way to attend ETCON is to propose a talk! Seriously, we've done two of these so far, and number three is coming up February 9-12 in San Diego. The first two were stone brilliant techfests where my mind got utterly blown AT LEAST twice a day. The third's gonna be even better:
Interfaces and Services: Sherlock, Watson, and Dashboard; micro-content viewers and RSS; laptop, palmtop, hiptop, and cellphone interfaces; web services.

Social Software Software: for describing and exploring social connections, FOAF (friend-of-a-friend networks), Flash Mobs, MeetUp, and related applications.

Untethered: WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular networks; Rendezvous, SMS, and ad hoc networking; Symbian and J2ME mobile development environments.

Location: GPS/GIS technologies and devices, location based services, navigational devices, geospacial annotation tools, and visualization software.

Hardware Hardware: hacks and mobile devices, sensor arrays, RFID tags, TinyOS, and sub-micro computing.

Business Models: Who is putting a stake in the ground and attempting to build the new applications, network, and online culture -- and how are they doing it?

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