Teslar Watch: Tinfoil beanie for your wrist

Celebrities and other fools are availing themselves of the Teslar Watch, a wrist-watch that purports to deflect radiation from its wearer. The Wired News headline, "A Watch Powered by Snake Oil," says it all -- and whomever wrote it deserves a raise for pithy wit.
"There is not a chance in the world that (these types of devices) will do anything but lighten your wallet," said John Moulder, a professor of radiation oncology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, who said he's seen a slew of products that claim to do the same thing, including radio-frequency-proof lingerie.

Harezi first developed the Teslar chip in 1986 to help people with extreme sensitivity to electricity, from televisions to vacuum cleaners. She said the "environmentally handicapped" people who wore the watch were able to resume their lives.

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