Secret Epcot VIP lounges revealed

Epcot Center had the distincition of being the first Disney park in which every single ride and pavillion was sponsored -- in the case of the World Showcase, the sponsors were the countries represented; but in the case of the Future Showcase, the sponsors were tech companies, and they built VIP lounges and conference spaces into their ride-pavillions for their bigwigs and guests. Hidden Mickeys has a ride-by-ride description of Future Showcase's VIP lounges (I found out about this through an eBay listing for a Living Seas VIP Lounge uniform jacket)
Around the right side of The Living Seas, past the Coral Reef restaurant, there is a door marked only by the United Technologies Corporation logo. Press the buzzer by the door, display your pass and you will be allowed access to the VIP lounge and the conference center beyond it. (George Bush was received in the conference center in 1990.) The conference center is on the second floor of The Living Seas and has huge windows that look into the tank. You can see these windows when you are in the attraction by looking for the restaurant windows. The second set of windows above the restaurant are those of the conference center. The conference center is currently closed but is frequently used to receive VIPs including Michael Eisner.