Itunes blocks you from sharing music with YOURSELF, on your own computer

Rael has discovered another "feature" of Itunes: if you leave a copy of it running in one of my user accounts and switch to another, I'm blocked from launching it. That's right, Itunes is set up to keep you from sharing music with yourself.
It's silly enough that I can share my tunes across my home network yet I can't share them with someone on the same machine. Despite keeping all my music in /Macintosh HD/Users/Shared/Music, I still have to wander from account to account adding each new CD or Itunes Music Store purchase to each user's library just so that we can share _our_ (defined in the strictest sense) music. Surely your Itunes library on the local machine should show up in my Itunes window just like any other network-shared Itunes library?

You cannot open the application "Itunes" because another user has it open.
Ask the other user to quit the application, then try again.
No, not OK.

Should I mistakenly leave "my copy" of Itunes open and wander off for a bit, there's no music for anyone until my return. No music for you! Nobody but an administrator capable of killing off other logins and processes has the ability to rectify this situation. Should every user really need to be an administrator to truly share this multi-user environment?

Link/Wayback Machine snapshot

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