Save money by tearing apart your iPod mini

Joanne sez: "The $249 iPod mini contains a $479.95 Hitachi MicroDrive. So the best deal on buying a MicroDrive is to buy a iPod mini and take it apart. You get the MicroDrive for almost 50% off and you get a free pair of headphones. You can slap an old compact flash card into the mini and keep on rocking." Link

Sean Bonner sez: "This guy took apart the mini iPod and found that it is NOT useable outside of the iPod, so buying one for the drive will prove useless." A firmware issue?

A Boing Boing reader sez: "The iPod/microdrive hack does work. Where the other poster is confused is that you can't format the microdrive in the camera. You need to mount drive on you system with a CF reader. Then format it FAT and it works fine. The drive out of the mini has a partition on it that their camera can't deal with. A full wipe on your machine solves the problem and gets you a cheap mammoth camera card.