Boing Boing just won the Weblog of the Year Award at the Bloggies

Boing Boing just won the Weblog of the Year award at the Bloggies: here's my speech!
My shame. It is boundless. Seriously.



Boing Boing just won the Bloggie for Best Group Blog

Boing Boing just won the Bloggie for Best Group Blog! Here's my speech:
You know, we got nominated a bunch of these last year and we didn't win any of them, so I thought that I was really optimistic just for writing ONE speech. Writing this one feels like monumental hubris. I cover myself in shame. Forgive me.
Thanks to everyone who voted for us! Link

Boing Boing just won a bloggie for Best American Blog!

Boing Boing has just won the Best American Weblog award at the 2004 Bloggies. Here's my acceptance speech:
It goes without saying that I'm accepting this not just on my own behalf, but on behalf of Mark -- who started it all, Xeni, Pesco, and the guestbloggers who slave away over there on the right-hand side. Oh, and Ken Snider, our tireless sysadmin, the Blogger team who stood us in good stead for all those years and the MT team who will stand us in good stead for all the years to come.

You know, now that I'm moving to the UK, people keep asking me this really bizarre goddamned question. They keep asking me, "Are you going to stop blogging?"

And I'm all like, whaaaaa? Dude, you'd have to break my fingers to get me to stop.

I mean, hasn't anyone noticed that I periodically post a kind of exhausted, cranky post to Boing Boing saying, "I'm really tired and busy and I'm taking a couple days off," and then one of two things happens:

1. I keep blogging

2. I come back two days later with like a hundred posts, demonstrating that I've spent a couple days blogging without publishing.

I love blogging. There are a lot of blogging cynics who'll tell us that because blogging hasn't lived up the hype -- which it didn't, of course it didn't, that's why they call it hype -- that it's nothing. Personal webpages with a CMS. Slashdot. Posts about cats.

Blogging is not nothing. Blogging is something. Anyone who says blogging is nothing isn't paying attention. A million of us are not doing nothing.

It's something, and I'm proud to be part of it.

Thank you.

Thanks to everyone who voted for us! Link