Producing a blogger-read audio of Lessig's book

Lessig's new book, Free Culture is available online as a gratis, Creative-Commons-licensed file, under terms that allow for the creation of derivative works.

AKMA has proposed a hell of a derivative work: he's inviting any blogger who cares to to read a chapter aloud, recording it and posting it, so that a distributed audiobook of the book will be produced. I may take a crack at a chapter myself this week.

Heck, we could have duelling chapters; which version of chapter 5 do you like, Accordion Guy’s or Jenny the Shifted Librarian’s? (Disclaimer: I just typed their names in there. They haven’t offered or anything. Yet.) (Another disclaimer: When I went to Jenny’s just now to get her link, I saw that she had the same idea — and we didn’t even talk about it Wednesday night!)