Lenny, Squiggy of "Laverne and Shirley" face off as penguins in Nickelodeon cartoon "Oswald"

BoingBoing pal Mike Outmesguine (who you may have spotted on CNN this weekend talking about why it would be A Bad Thing for the federal government to have the power to jam your cellphone in the name of counter-terrorism) says:
David Landers plays the voice of Henry the penguin on the kid show "Oswald" (Oswald the octopus is voiced by Fred Savage) playing on Nickelodeon. I sometimes watch it with my 3 year-old. One episode had Henry's cousin come in from out of town. His cousin was voiced by Michael McKean (who played Lenny.) I can't tell you how funny it was to hear Lenny and Squiggy pestering eachother in a children's show - while appearing as penguins!