Disney's California Adventure is a ghost town

You've probably heard about the US Department of Energy's efforts to create a landmark to warn people to stay away from nuclear waste dumps in Nevada and New Mexico. The mission is to create some kind of warning system that will last for 10,000 years, and still be effective at delivering a message of danger that people in the distant future can comprehend. It's tough --the DOE has hired artists, architects, anthropologists, etc., but everything those people come up with to scare future generations away ends up looking more like a lure.

Here's what the DOE should do: hire Michael Eisner to design a theme park over the radioactive dumps. They'll never have to worry about anyone setting foot there again. As Boing Boing readers Vorbis comments on this photoessay of Disney's California Adventure Theme Park: "lookit how deserted this place seems to be not too long after the opening of the major ride." Link/Archive.org mirror

Matthew sez: "I enjoyed that boingboing link you just submitted to the photos of empty lineups at Disney's California theme park -- but I thought maybe you should mention that savedisney.com (where the photos are hosted) is a site set up by Roy Disney and others as part of their campaign to oust Michael Eisner..."