Boing Boing 2.0

Welcome to the new and improved Boing Boing, now with sponsors! Seriously, there's nothing wrong with your set. The only real difference you'll find on the page, besides a cleaner design, is the addition of those small ad boxes on the sides. We've decided to accept a limited amount of advertising so that we can cover our costs and dedicate more cycles to what we love -- finding and posting things that we find interesting, curious, and, of course, wonderful. What does this evolutionary step mean for you, dear reader? Nothing, except more of what you've come to expect from Boing Boing, brain candy for happy mutants since 1988. A warm round of thanks to our sponsors, and to you for your continued support! And a very special thanks to BoingBoing pal Anil Dash for the expert code massage.

- Mark, Cory, Xeni, David, and John

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