Mozilla bug-squashing timeline

This timeline of the discovery of a critical flaw in Mozilla is amazing. It took a scant 31 hours between the moment the bug was first reported to the moment that you could download a patched version of all different Mozilla flavours and derivatives.
July 7 - 13:46 GMT - Keith McCanless files a bug in the Bugzilla Database reporting a new vulnerability. It exploits the windows "shell:" handler and allows a malicious web page to execute a program on a client's computer (The program has to already be present on the computer). McCanless notes that the bug is "BOTH a security concern and a DOS," since if the link points to a nonexistent file, it makes the Mozilla browser spawn off endless amounts of new windows. The bug is marked private since it is security-related; only developers with proper clearance can see it. (source)...

July 7 - 18:16 GMT - Mozilla developer "timeless" creates patch closing vulnerability. He posts the patch on the Bugzilla Database so that other developers can approve it. (source) The bug had been known to the world for a matter of hours before a patch was created to fix it

Link (via Crypto-Gram)