North Korea offers free email on new gov website

BoingBoing reader Roy Berman says:
I went to check out the North Korean news wire earlier today and noticed that they had heavily revised their web site since the last time I looked at it a few months ago. The layout was still kind of bad and the English a bit weird, but there were now buttons for email, shopping, etc. I discovered that the North Korean government is actually letting people sign up for free web based email accounts. Their web page actually claims that they have an advanced IT industry, but somehow after experiencing it's fruit, I am left doubtful. One of the most amazing things about it was the selection of password hint questions, which include gems such as 'How would Korea change after reunification?'
link to Roy's blog entry with more details, and link to North Korea's government website, which informs me that "Korea Is One Homogenous Nation," and that one of the three top-selling books in the northern nation is "Butterfly and Cock."