Python hackers wuss out on pie-ing

NTK reports on a bet penalty gone sour at this year's O'Reilly Open Source con:
Last year, DAN SUGALSKI, lead developer of the forthcoming Perl6 virtual machine, Parrot, bet the Python developers that run Python faster on the fledgling VM - and the creator of Python could throw a pie at him at the next OSCON if he didn't. He didn't; the pie-ing was duly arranged. As everyone knows, while Perlites are chaotic/good trickster archetypes who love such events, Pythonistas are peaceful, have-their-glasses-on-a-little-string types, like hobbits or the Dutch. In the end, Guido van Rossum refused to throw the pie, and instead offered to share it as food with the Perl developers. Nothing, of course, could have been more guaranteed to throw Perlsters into violent rage.
Link (via NTK)