Lonely Island: wack-ass online shorts and mp3s

Last week in LA, I went to a Channel 101 screening -- monthly events where a edgy creatives show short films before a live audience, who in turn vote the work on or off the proverbial viewing island. The project isn't a cable TV show yet, but it ought to be. I understand they recently shot a cable pilot for FX, so perhaps it will.

One of the teams who participate regularly in the Channel 101 showdowns is The Lonely Island, and they've just posted a bunch of their work online. It's terrific stuff. One of their pieces, which screened at last week's event, is a dry, deadpan music video performed by two guys, called, uh, "Just 2 Guyz." (MPEG-4 Link, MPEG-1 Link, 2 min.). I loved their "Nintendo" animated short, too (MPEG / Quicktime, 3 min.)

Episodes of the Lonely Island short series The 'Bu are here (Link), with Sarah Chalke of Scrubs and Roseanne fame. Other celeb links -- Brooke Shields has a 5-minute bit in the begining of Episode 2: Regarding Ardy. (Link). Kal Penn (of Harold and Kumar and Gilmore Girls) plays Fred in Episode 2. A source close to the project says, "Kiefer Sutherland interrupted the filming of episode 1, then told all sorts of fanciful embellishments about it on Leno and Letterman. (Link)."

Link to The Lonely Island, and Link to the Channel 101 site where you'll find more online shorts.