Review of Typeit4me

Mark Hurst of Good Experience reviews a very useful-sounding OS X application called Typeit4me. Basically, it lets you create shorthand for any text phrase. When you type in the shorthand (such as "bb" for "Boing Boing") and hit the trigger key (such as the space bar), the shorthand will be replaced by the full text. The important thing is that it works in any application.
Types in HTML phrases: I've defined "ahr" to yield "". Whether I'm in BBEdit, or in a TypePad form within a Web browser, I can get these key HTML strings out quickly and error-free.

Types short phrases: This is great in e-mail. I've set it up so that "tf" becomes "thanks for"; "tfy" becomes "thanks for your"; "tvmfy" becomes "thanks very much for your"... and so on. You can be as polite as you want, and optimally efficient, at the same time.