Haunted Mansion as a 3D model

Any website that opens with the phrase "One day I decided I needed to create a 3D model of Disney's Orlando Haunted Mansion," is bound to be good. This site contains a step-by-step build-report from one man's efforts to reproduce the Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion as a detailed, textured 3D model.
Since I had no detailed measurements, I had to build each element based on comparisons to the sizes of established elements. For instance...

a corner of the mansion may have thirteen cornerstones going up its spine, and the level of the front door is three cornerstones above ground level. So, to calculate the height of each of the seven steps leading to the front door, I had to divide the height of three cornerstones, by seven.

So let's just skip to the nearly completed Haunted Mansion model. I say, "nearly completed" because, to date, I've only completed the front facade of the mansion. I'm still building my own version of the rear of the house, and the grounds. I'll post the new models as soon as they're complete.

Link (via The Disney Blog)