Vintage glasses-frames at decent prices

I used to have amazing vintage chunky black Buddy Holly glasses frames that I'd scored at a Hadassah Bazaar and had lenses cut for. Eventually, though, they started to wear out, and I bought a pair of lightweight, modern metal ones. They're nice, but some days I really miss the thick plastic numbers.

That's why I was so happy to stumble upon Klasik, a vendor of reasonably priced vintage frames. I did my shopping at the Spitalfields Market in London, but you can buy online, too (it's cheaper to buy your glasses in person, but the web-prices are still a bargoon compared to the cost of cool new frames). He'll even make up your perscription and have the lenses cut for £35, a steal.

The selection is flat-out amazing and the stock is in amazing shape -- lots of the frames appeared never to have been worn at all.

These are the frames I bought today. He told me that the lenses would be ready in a week -- can't wait! Link