More on modern pirates

piratesAfter posting my entry about modern pirates who eavesdrop on satellite-based mobile phone calls, a couple of people have send in some amazing stuff about pirates.

Xeni sez: "Check out these photos Eric Pasquier took of the pirates. Link (Sample shown here)

"Also, see this related story which uses some of Pasquier's amazing pirate photos." Link

Chris O'Connor sez: "This is a lovely listing of all sorts of modern piratatical activity reporting for shipping companies and includes semi-detailed descriptions of pirate attacks." Link

Anonymous sez: "Fun story on piracy, but not entirely accurate. According to Dr. Peter Chalk, a piracy expert at the RAND Corporation, piracy in the Straits of the Moluccas does not usually end up in killing of the crew *unless* the crew resists. (Of course the situation may be different off Brazil or Africa.) Usually they're just put off the ship on a lifeboat and the ship and cargo are stolen. The ships sometimes get reused, and sometimes are simply set adrift after their cargoes are offloaded and resold. This piracy is far more common than we the public hear about. Dr. Chalk estimates that about 10% (or less) of ship hijackings are reported. Link