MSN Spaces: seven dirty blogs


2 Responses to “MSN Spaces: seven dirty blogs”

  1. andiwinters says:

    It does seemm rather pointless to try and filter/censor blogs. I just started a sex blog at and whenever I try to get it indexed the Google ‘this is an adult content page’ gets references so all I had to do was set up a feedburner link which displays everything…

  2. cypher-neo says:

    Synonyms would be the reason why censorware doesn’t work in the first place. There’s always more than one way to get obscene in language, and with English there’s probably 5 or 6 ways. Censorware can only ban so many words before it becomes a freedom-of-speech issue. If they blacklisted all the words they wanted to, and the synonyms… well… what could we say?

    I think just to drive home the point though, I should make a blog entitled “MSN Spaces is Crappy” (I wonder if they’ll let that pass?)

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